Yippe...I gotta job

As some of you may know I used to have a shop near the cathedral here in Lincoln,on,Steep hill ! Now for those of you that have been to Lincoln you know what I mean.Steep or what.had to give it up because poor old me couldn't cope anymore with the hill.spent more time struggling to breath than doing what I should've been doing.But I now have work... Now before you all get excited and back slapping,it s voluntary,couple days a week,doing admin in a disability centre.I can do that,! not too strenuous and gives me back a bit of self respect..... I Got A Job :) :)

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  • Oh good man and you're worthy of that respect by yourself and everyone else.


  • Congratulations Jambo. Well done that man!!!

  • The missus is getting wine out......! Think she pleased won't be under her feet for a whie :)

  • Congratulations and well done!

  • Congratulations well done you. I know what you mean about steep hill, no way I can make it any where near the top. What shop did you have there ? Enjoy your wine and the new job. Best wishes Julie

  • Had a tearoom, i love it up there.even now I go sit in the square outside the castle and people watch.its a great pastime, xx

  • Yes I love it there too especially the cathedral area. Used to go to the christmas market did not make it this time and last year I think it was the weather caused it to be cancelled. Is the cheese cafe still at steep Hill? Julie x x

  • No Julie,unfortunatly it closed about a month ago,such a shame,was there for years,it's empty now.still the majority of shops the same,the old book shop halfway down has gone now aswell,It's still a great place though.always full of character and fun xx

  • Well done Jambo - am jealous! All the new people to meet and oh to be appreciated! Brilliant, hope you enjoy it. Libby x

  • Well done at least your get up and go has not got up and gone


    Janet :)

  • Well done you, work is work. Good luck.

    Kim xxxx

  • Congratulations on the job. The good thing about it being voluntary is the flexibility if you need to change days for any reason.

  • Good luck to you jambo

  • Jambo, I recall that steep hill. My sister was over from the United States. My husband parked the car at the bottom of that steep hill. We climbed with difficulty, to find a car park at the top. My sister has never forgiven us (smiley) And Harry Secombe was recording for a tv show at the top. Those were the days. All the best with your job. Love Annieseed xx

  • Absolutely cracking news Jambo. Well done! I think you will make director in a couple of years. Best regards and good luck with it, Bobby

  • Way to go ! :)

  • Congratulations Jambo. I remember Steep Hill we went to Lincoln with a coach party fortunately the driver took pity on us all and dropped us by the cathedral never had to try the hill thank god. I would have still been there I will raise a glass to you later on to wish you luck with your new job.

  • Fantastic news Jambo, well done! :-) Alison

  • I know the steephill. That part of Lincoln is lovely with the Catherdral and Castle. I might be able to climb the steephill now but would need about 10 stops before I got to the top! Congrats on job, its nice to feel that you are doing something useful.

  • I know how that feels,used to get so breathless after 10 steps,some days had to ask wife to go get the car cos I just couldn't do it.it was areal slog. X

  • I know it too. It is steep, I don't think I could do it now unless I stopped every few yards. It's a lovely city though. I'm sad to hear some of those shops are gone.

    Lynne xx

  • It's such a shame,its a lovely atmosphere there,but what with the recession and everything it' seems to have lost its appeal. Just don't get the tourism now :( xx

  • Good on you.


  • Well done voluntary work brings it's own rewards.

  • Well done,admire your tenacity,a job is a job,& gives another purpose in life!

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