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I just answered the new hay fever poll

I was just going to tick the box that said 'Same as Normal' and realised that in the last three days I have had two breathless episodes, my cough is producing blood, and the doctor who visited me at home (the joys of living in Devon) said no crackle but you do have a terrible wheeze.

Hay fever had not even crossed my mind until I started the poll, so I have taken the Hay Fever Pill and I see what happens.

I guess we get so used to complex things going wrong we miss the blatantly obvious ones. It's like doing a crossword puzzle you always look for the hard answer never the one that's staring you in the face.

Anyone else suffering this week?

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Yes, itchy eyes from hay fever, generally rubbish from chest infection ;-)


Yes, itchy eyes and ears, stuffed up head and nse. I take antihistamines and nasal drops all year round. Chest feeling tight! Happy sneezing and sniffing to us all :-) Alison


Trying to catch my eyes,ythey keep running




I have never had such bad allergic asthma as this year, and it followed a terrible few weeks of overwhelming hayfever which completely filled my head with mucous, in fact I'm still a bit deaf from it a few weeks on.

The lung doc upped my asthma spray to the highest dose but even now, on day 10 of that dose my asthma is problematic. My cough drowns out the village's entire lawnmower population.

This year the hayfever was unbelievable.


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