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I don't know how some cope !

I have just posted yet another joke because I think a lot of people on here need something to smile about.

I have spent the last half hour reading blogs about people having difficulty with ASOS, Doctors, Social Housing Associations etc. and I realise how bloody lucky I am!

Yes I have Bronchiastasis/Copd, have had a couple of TIA's, have arthritic joints and suffer badly with panic attacks. I am also a widow and live on my own without a carer


I do not have the need for contact with ASOS or any offfical body and I have a superb doctor and our local hospital is good. So although I can empathise I cannot know how difficult it can be for a lot of you.

So all in all I think I am a very fortunate person. I also have this site which when I am feeling sorry for myself soon brings me back to earth.

Love you all


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Please keep the jokes coming Jan, they are a wonderful tool to use as a counter-weight against reality :) x x x

I'm fortunate too Janet, the thought of official bodies - yuk. Had enough trouble getting my blue badge and unlike you I don't live alone so have even more to be thankful for.

Sent your last joke (5 boyfriends) to my sister and two friends, made me giggle.

Lib x

Lib I can't even complain about getting my blue badge my GP sorted it for me and my local council were very efficient.

Thank you Jan for the jokes - much appreciated by this member without taking away from others who are having a very rough time at the moment. :)

Your joke (5 boyfriends or was it 6) has disappeared, maybe because I copied & pasted it and I've pasted it away! and I'm trying to order from M & S everytime I get to Place Order the error page comes up, must be them although it was happening yesterday too. Think I'll have a little nap.

Lib x

Lib it is still there but on page 2 but if you send me by pm your email address I will send it to you


Thankyou Janet but I have got it in my e-mail sent folder as I have copied & pasted and forwarded it on. Was going to have a nap but the sun has come out (in Bridgnorth, Shropshire at least) no way am I going to miss it. Happy sunshine everyone.

Lib x

I too am lucky Jan.

Lynne xx

hi jan yes i am like you on my own age 71 a widow , but i also think how do some people cope on their own my care phone pendant is my life line my local council put it in place they phone for ambulance when my husband had a stoke again when he had a heart attack.then last when i managed to set fire to the kitchen so yes i am lucky

Love this blog Jandan. It's nice to see your serious side as well as your humorous side. I noticed that you live alone. If you would like me to send my wife to live with you (yes, the husband beater) it can be arranged. I will even throw in free delivery.

Lots of love from Bobby xxxx

Thanks for the offer but I think I will pass on this occasion as funnily enough after 36 years of marriage I quite like my own company ;)

I love your jokes too.

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