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The Nightmare Scenario Has Arrived!

Having been declared fit enough to return to work by Atos, I have recently been made aware by Jobcentre Plus that I can't claim JSA because of my severe COPD and the osteoarthritis I've suffered with over the years - though I can still sign on as unemployed and have my NI stamp paid.

I'm not allowed to claim ESA because I'm not unhealthy enough according to Atos Nurse and the decision maker at the DWP. So no benefit paid whatsoever by either.

The nightmare scenario has arrived for me personally. I really do hope that you never find yourself in the same desperate situation as I. Good health to everyone and have a great Spring Bank Holiday!

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Argh ! What a crock of **** - words of sympathy just don't cut it but you have them for what it's worth. Can only advise letter to MP - your situation is intolerable.

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Did you ever contact the Welfare Rights office? Things may not be as desperate as you think if you can get them helping you.

The DWP can't just cut you off with one side saying fit for work and the other saying you're not, that's nuts! You need some help with this situation. I found my local MP invaluable in helping sort things out.

If it were me, I'd be on to the local newspapers and radio by now !


Gordon Is Right ... Need To Get Sick Note Of Doctor And Give It DWP ... Don't Sign On Or You Are Saying You Are Fitt Enough

Its A Other DWP Atos Secret ..... Atos DWP Are Breaking There Own Guideline's And Its Abuse Of Due Process Illegal In Other Words ...

But UK Don't Use Due Process .. You Have Send Sick Note To DWP Tell Your MP You Are Sick And Why Are The DWP ATOS BREAKING The Rule Of Law

Its Illegal But Unless We Get A Grip Thay Will Keep Doing It To Maintain There Secret


As You Can See The DWP Don't Like Answering Question On Rule Of Law


Unfortunately, I'm not alone in this situation. The very same thing has happened to others as I've discovered on the internet and by asking around. There are one or two more changes to claimants about to come into effect, all aimed at cutting benefit to the long-term sick and disabled. In time I suspect there'll be some on this site who experience the same as I.


I can only agree with Scrobbitty here. This is awful. Letter writing is now the order of the day - get CAB, Welfare Rights, MP, etc all activated to fight in your corner.

I can only profess my ignorance of the welfare system, as until last December, I'd always worked. It appears to consist of a myriad of dead ends and obtuse staff. Good luck in pursuing an appeal (if there is an appeal system).


So what are you supposed to live on?


That was going to be my question.


Hey know how you feel bin on the phone to social services for over an hour this morning telling them about my husband and his blindness, she wrote everything down and then called me to say the OT says hubby having a walking trolley so he can carry his drinks or anything else is low priority probably because I am here to do it, so we have to buy our own,

If he needs a new zimmer he has to be referred by the doctor to physio because they do the measuring now, do they know how difficult it is to get someone who can't see and has bad mobility problems to a hospital appointment.

For all his other needs they have contact the charity RNIB and we are waiting for a call from them.

They did say if I fall ill to let them know immediately, probably so they can say they can't help.

Really pssd off and feel abandonded.

polly xx


This is absolutely shocking. I don't know what's happening to this country. Hope you manage to get things sorted out pronto. It's bad enough being ill without this stress.


My heart goes out to you I was so lucky to be well enough to work until I was 50 and got my pension rights in. I would hate to be put through all the trauma of this atos crew. Take Gordons advice and start phoning. Good Luck.


Hello Tomscribe

I'm of the same mind as Nowheeze, you must get some help. The CAB or a letter to your MP (perhaps a copy of that letter to your local newspaper).

I have watched a programme on BBC TV called 'Saints and Sinners'. The 'sinners' seem to get hundreds of thousands of pounds of Government help when they are patently not entitled to it - you, on the other hand, are ill and need help and it is denied to you. Perhaps if you could get in touch with that programme they would find a 'Saint' for you.

It beggars belief what you are going through.

I do hope that you find someone who will help you through this awful time.

Best wishes




The tv prog is Saints and Scroungers, presented by Domonic Littlewood - here's a link to it, and I noticed the producers are named. Get writing Tomscribe, and more power to your pen.


I just don't know what to say. I am so shocked. I think Nowheeze has a really good idea though. Good luck, Alison


Luckily - or unluckily? - the wife still works and that's enough for us both to live on, under rules of the DWP. It's no use trying to claim rent/rate rebate either as the wife earns a couple of quid above what's allowed. Every which way you turn, the government has got you cornered. The wife and I thought we were being sensible by saving up for our old age, but now it appears those savings are going to be hit hard. I agree the government needs to save money and cutbacks are needed - but it's the most vulnerable who are paying the highest price. Anyhow, I'll be entitled to a bus pass in the near future, and I'm really excited about that. Unless they move the goalposts again ...


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