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Atos should lose the contract before more people die


I have just had the most horrendous experience .. In February I received the dreaded esa. I , like others , tried to be truthful ( wish I had lied now ).. What followed has been bloody awful . 3 months of them making mistakes. Insisting I went for the medical ( I suffer with Social phobias) . I eventually involved my MP and that was the very best thing I could have done. She insisted on a paper trail , this meant they had to send her everything they were doing. DWP were involved at the highest level.

As a direct result of Atos , I have Angina ... so angry as obviously I have copd, asthma and other medical issues.

Maybe , I have had Angina for a long time ? But, I certainly have never experienced the pain before ... Surely some day they will lose their contracted

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I can sympathise with you on this, having just gone through the ESA process myself.

I've also had my MP involved and I've just had my decision through, without any correspondence from ATOS other than when they sent the ESA50 forms to me to fill in. I sent them back in March and have been fretting about having to go for interview ever since. They've obviously decided I'd be too much trouble and declined to see me... :)

MP's have direct contact with people at the DWP who can keep them informed of progress and problems. Anyone having problems with the DWP and 'the process' should let their MP know, maybe then the'll all understand the issues we face in applying.


Is Shocking Sound Advice Gordorn Think I Might Have To Do That Between My Doctor And Atos Well Founded Incompetence

Truly Are Taking The Piss ..... Looking At Peoples Clinical History Xrays Dose Not Fit In To There Tick Box Clinical Approach

So true Gordon , my personal feelings are that they should be called to account for each and every life they have destroyed

If you've not already heard of them, Spartacus are a campaign group for disabled people's rights -

Lots of reading matter there, including Sue's own experiences of the ESA process - - follow the blog at and see if there's anything that can be done though there ?


If you got angina, for whatever reason, get it checked out! It may save your life!

Speaking from experience!

Best wishes


Yes , I have just received a letter from the Cardiologist at my local Hospital. GP made a referral on Friday and my appointments is for next Wednesday ... Terrified but amazed on how fast the appointment came through :)

Would certainly concur ,problems with the DWP,get your MP involved,I was accused of benefit fraud ,i.e. claiming DLA whilst working,

Attended interview,weeks went by ,heard nothing,when weeks became months ,contacted them to be told ,it was in the hands of the decision maker.

After 4 months contacted my MP,within 2 hours was told ,my DLA claim was valid .

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