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feeling great

l am now in spain brought a portable oxygen machine, and drove to spain. when l arrived van waiting with oxygen machine for the house, a portable to allow me to go out and a tank incase power went, no cost have to have passport and insurance card e11, did not have good news from hositpal, so my wife and l thought lets go and be in the sun and what a good tonic it has been.

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well done, british to go and have a good break from the hospital. Hope things will go well on your return to the uk.


Have a fantastic time - things always look better in the sun! Enjoy! TAD xx


Good for you, Have a great time. What part of spain? Update us when you get back.

Wishing you loads of happy.

For those travelling:


Oh british.... it sounds just perfect..... i see you had a portable concentrator.... did you hire it or buy it.... if you dont mind me asing. :0) .

Are you thinking of holidaying again there ????



I'm coming to join you,I'm in need of some SUN lotion



Well done british, that's being very British - playing find the sun. Have a good time.

Lib x



Terrific stuff mate, a real expidition. I wish I was brave enough to do it. Well done!



Good for you Peter, have a terrific time. Libby x


Good on you! Not allowing illness to define your life.Hope it's a wonderful time,for you & your wife,& build some lovely memories! Xx


Great stuff. Enjoy your holidays. How did you organise a concentrator for your house in Spain, and how do you get your oxygen cylinders delivered to you whilst you are there. What type of portable concentrator did you buy as it has to be used for the UK and Spain.

A lot of questions, but I would be interested to know.


I have just bought a XPo100 portable still testing it before I venture anywhere.I too would be very interested in how you arranged the concentrator and bottle for your place in Spain.

PS,NHS do lend portable machines out for holidays.I bought one as I want to just get up and go without the worry of running out of oxygen. Bill


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