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Two Complaints For The Price Of One PRICELESS As They Say Up North :P

Well Thats It Had It With My Clown Of A GP

Wouldn't Mind If There "See Didn't Forget BLF" Where Even Funny .... Like Really Seen My GP About Letter To Fax To ATOS As Am Having Heart Problems Due To My Lung Problems

A Was Told By The Secretary A Might Have To Pay For It :O So I Agreed .

I Did Not Think She Meant Literally Few Days Later I Received A Letter A Flat Refusal ... My Doctor Said Its For People Who Have Mental Problems Mobility Problems Basically Ill

Like Really My Doctor Did Not Think I Would Find Out Myself Before I Asked ... Like Am That Naive Am Not Going To Know What Would Be Said

Anyway Thats It I Have Had More Than Enough Of The Malicious Vindictive Ways ... Like Really Anyway .... Put The Record Straight As I Have Further Evidence And Said Nice One And Failed My TWO Complaints

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Sorry to hear that daz, can't you change your doctor .?


Cheers Is Bad But Defo Am Going To Have To .. Lot Going On So Thought Ad Try And Stick With Them Keep It Simple .... But As You Can See A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots

So Yes Been In Touch With GMC Regarding Professional Standards Malicious Vindictive Ways And CCG Regarding Tampering With My Medical Notes History

Totally Not On ..... Been Threw Hell With DWP ATOS COURTS But That Is One Thats Not Getting Away .... Could Of Been Coroners Report Defo Had The Chance

Going To Teach Lesson Management In Its Not That Fact She Did It Its The Fact She Was Caught Doing It

Cheers All The Best :)


What is it that is for people with mental problems mobility problems basically ill, the faxing of your information to Atos? Does your doc not realise that having a lung condition means you are ill, with mobility problems which are restricted because of shortness of breath?

I agree with Jennyren daz, now is the time you may want to change your doctor.

Sorry you are having to go through this. Wishing your good luck withy finding a much improved caring and understanding GP.


Cheers Had To Give A Chance To Reform Just More Evidence ... And Enough Rope To Hang Em Selfs .... So Its Not All Bad

Must Think That Low Of Patients ... We Don't Have A Brain And Are Totally Naive

All The Best


Wishing you all the best daz


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