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Thank you to everyone that left a comment about my gripe with the medical profession. Looking at your experiences it seems that we all are having similar problems with them. It looks as though the problem is endemic. It doesn't leave me with much faith in in them but this year has really knocked me so far.

Sometimes it feels like an uphill struggle though doesn't it. I always thought doctors were there to help and by rights you'd get the correct treatment etc.. Alas like everything else you have to explicitly ask for something or politely tell them you want something or you won't get it.

My doctor was going to send me for a follow up X-Ray, I asked for a CT Scan so he said he'd send it as urgent. If I hadn't have asked I wouldn't have got. It's a bad state of affairs we're in.

I'm supposed to have an MRI Scan for a suspected trapped nerve in my spine on Saturday but after a month and a half of waiting I don't know if I'll be able to have it because I can't stop coughing! That's one thing that isn't the doctors fault.

Oh well onwards and upwards as the saying goes.

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  • Speak for yourself, Wiggins! I have loads of medical treatment and am happy. You have been very unlucky with your experiences but don't generalise about the medics ..not fair to those that trust their GPS etc. Quite of us don't have problems have been so unlucky! I really and sincerely hope things get better for annieseed

  • Hope things get sorted for you Wiggins. Its true you do have to ask for things sometimes, keep on asking and hopefully you will get to where you need to be for treatment that is going to help you best.

    I hope you can get something to help you with the coughing and I hope all goes well for the MRI scan.

    Keeping fingers crossed for you.

  • Good luck Wiggins :-) Alison

  • When I hear of stories like yours Wiggins, it makes me realize how lucky I am with my GP and Consultant. I have been very fortunate in the care they have given me. It does seem unfair that people like yourself have a struggle. Must be that postcode lottery. Hope you can hold that cough in long enough for your MRI. Good Luck


  • Mine are also good, it's just hard to get an appointment when I need one.

    Lynne xx

  • hi I have just finished an email to my GP who is going to have a meeting to see if they can prescribe muco clear 3%, I made the request 8 days ago, now they say they are going to review it in a weeks time instead of today, when all clinician are there,

    I mean this is nebulized saline, and is used elsewhere in the uk and has prescription approval

    is it me or them?

  • Sorry to hear about your problems wiggins but speaking for myself I could not ask for better support. From my matron through my GP, respitory clinic, princess Alice hospice - everyone involved, I couldn't be in better hands and they are helping me stay at home.

    I need them and they are here.

    Good luck, Chris

  • My GP and nurse are great

  • I am sorry you have been having so many problems My own team of medicos is superb. Perhaps a change of practice for you would be the answer although I know that is not always possible. Anyway, best wishes for the future.


  • Mine too are fantastic, I couldn't ask for better. Keep smiling.

    Carole x

  • I dont have problems with GPs because I wont let them take charge. I speak my mind politely, I ask for what I need. I ask any questions. I am friendly but I think they pick up vibes.

    My GP promised me a Macmillan nurse, last Thursday. My case is urgent. I heard nothing this morning, and was desperate. So I went over the GP's head, Rang local Macmillan. I have the appropriate nurse coming tomorrow am.

  • Got to be fit & well fighting your own corner

  • My GP and nurse are great

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