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British Lung Foundation OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea) Patient Survey

The aim of the survey is to find out what people diagnosed with OSA and who had experienced symptoms of excessive daytime sleepiness think about their condition, and the treatment and care they have received. We can then compare patient experience with existing guidance (SIGN, NICE and IMPRESS).

We are doing this to provide the BLF with evidence of a large number of patients’ experiences for use in our influencing and media campaigns, and to give people with OSA a voice which we can pass on to decision-makers and media.

We believe this is the biggest survey of people with OSA ever undertaken in the UK.

To take part in the survey go to



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Hi, Mark Perhaps You Could Clarify Something For Me :O

I Had Problems In Early Days Of My Problems When Sleeping I Would Wake Up With My Heart Racing And My Breathing Very Noisy And Bad

I Was Wondering Is This Blood Gas Problems .... Or Even Blood Clots



Those symptoms you describe are so general and could be the result of several things - most of them quite innocent and not at all anything to worry about - noisy breathing could be because you had some sort of infection in your nose/throat - heart racing could be down to anxiety etc -but it's not my place to diagnose. I would hope that you have discussed this with your doctor and not done too much self diagnosis on the internet? My money wouldn't be on blood gas problems or blood clots though.



Cheers .... Don't Really Do Self Diagnosis On Internet Just Like A Lucky Dip In Process Of Getting New Sympathetic GP Last Perscription I Got They Was Looking To See How Much They Was

Like Really Thought Its A Good Job Didn't Need Out Bigger ..... Any Word On Jeremy Hunts New Bad GP Watchdog ... Is It The Clinical Commissioning Group ?


Hi mark..i was told d by my dr at the time i was having my hep c dealt with that i prob had sleep apnoea but it took a back seat to other things..this was over 10 years ago..hep c is all clear but now have been diagnosed with it feels like my nose is a one way valve that lets air in but slams shut when i blow out...when im sleeping i often wake up gasping is it possible that it is just a loose flap of skin...i just get so tired of going to drs who don't even look up and just fob you off with smoking or something..i gave up smoking 2 years ago..too late unfortunately..


Hi Mark, Strange enough, I seen my immunologist yesterday and I had mentioned that after taking my nebulisers for the rest of the night I can hardly go to sleep because of the noises and wheezes coming from my chest. Even during the day tiredness takes over and again the same thing happens.. The immunologist say because I retain so much fluid this is fluid on the lungs. At the moment fluid has reached my knees and at night my feet are swollen and do are my toes.Although I take water tablets and you know what happens with them. Question 1 Is the immunologist right, Question 2 what should I do about it, I have been to my heart specialist because I have Angina and heart failure with the right muscle on my heart thickening and I also have COPD and Bronchiectasis, each of the specialists are blaming each other. One says no fluid retention is the heart and the other says no it's from the lungs???????.

My immunologist is going to give me weekly blood transfusions because the antibodies are so low.


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