Dodgy eyesight ?

I don't think it's just because I'm tired but my eyesight is going funny today. Blurry vision when I'm trying to read or on the computer and having to get my glasses more often than I feel comfortable about.

I've not had this as a 'symptom' before, but think I am about to start with yet another chest infection. I usually get a taste sensation, which I've had already, just before I start to have problems with my breathing and know I need to start the A's yet again.

Has anyone else noticed their vision goes funny ahead of an exacerbation ?

(and no, I don't think it's through visiting ! :) )

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  • My vision goes a bit strange sometimes but never noticed that it happens before an infection and have always put it down to medication.

    Lib x

  • I do have problems quite often with my vision. Keep thinking my glasses need changed. I actually think it's 42 years of the old steroids that cause me all the problems. Never noticed it before an exacerbation. Hope your ok! M

  • It could be steroids if you are taking them Gordon.

    My mum's eyesight deteriorated quite considerably not too long after starting taking them.

    I hope you get it sorted and you can get early treatment if you are having an exacerbation


  • Not on steroids at present, a couple of weeks since last course of those. I just seem to be losing my vision over the last 24 hours, and hoping it's only temporary :O

  • Have you tried opening the curtains,,, :)

  • With me, I know my vision is an age thing, absolutely nothing to do with the medications I'm on. But I do get ocular migraines, and become partially, if not totally blinded by them ....

  • Have you been checked for cataracts? When mine started it seemed as if I was looking through Vaseline at first :-p

  • I think I read somewhere that spiriva can caus eye problems in some people. Mind you I could be wrong it might be worth looking up the side effects of it.

  • I've been on Spiriva a few years now, I would have thought any side effects would have been noticed ages ago.

    The strength of light is OK, no fading, but focus is bad with most things looking blurred. I often do a Sudoku puzzle and I was seeing double lines this morning, very close together but very noticeable.

    I've had to wear my glasses to use the computer while I've been recording my radio show, so I could read the playlist and comments.

    I went to the loo earlier and noticed the urine was a bit dark, possible de-hydration? I've probably not drunk very much since I got up. A glass of cordial and a couple of cuppa's later and I've taken my glasses off again. The screen is still much clearer with them on, but I can now read it without.

    I think I will have to check with my GP and see what she says.

  • hi Gordon, you may be right about dehydration as it causes low blood pressure and that can cause blurry sight. You should keep a jug of water by that computer when you are working. Glad you feel a bit better after a few drinks. Keep up with the fluids till you chat with your GP

    Anna :)

  • Wonder if I can get real ale on prescription ? ;) Tastes better than the water round here, even after being Brita filtered.

  • haha!! not sure about the hydrating properties with the ale, remember everything that is best for you tastes pretty horrid. lol :)

  • Nah - John Smith's isn't good for anyone, and that's the most horrid taste I've ever had... :)

  • lol all beer is horrid to me and i didn't drink water till i was 40, for me it was vodka and lemonade or lemonade. Nowadays it is water or black coffee. with the odd cheeky red wine :)

  • Hi Gordon, do you suffer from high blood pressure it can affect the sight. My hubby has suddenly lost his sight 2 weeks ago due to it and it is irreversable, so please get yourself checked out quickly.

    polly xx

  • I was at the hospital to see the consultant on Monday and yes, high blood pressure was noted. I usually put that down to the hassle of getting there, they always call you in for weighing and blood pressure as soon as you get there.

    I have a home monitor, just checked and it's 118 / 82, pulse 89. That's more like my regular readings. I do check it regularly.

    Eyesight seems to be back to normal today, strange how we panic when things don't seem 'right'.

  • Hi Gordon, I get double vision, blurred print etc. I've worn glasses since I was 7, but now find I spend a lot of time taking them off to read. The optician told me the double vision was due to dry eyes and recommended eyedrops. Another thing was not spending too long at a time staring at a computer screen (easier said than done when you work with one all day!).

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