Chest specialist !

I have today received an appointment to see a chest specialist on the 17th June at Boston Pilgrim Hospital.I have been told that I have pulmonary fibrosis and scarring in both lungs after recent x rays and scans.letter doesn't say anything special but can anyone give me any info as to what this appointment would be for ?has anyone else been to one of these ?

Thanks x

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  • Hi Jambo I too started my care with Boston pilgrim. I have Bronciectasis and air flow obstruction. I was reffered after a bout of pneumonia. I had x rays and lung function tests there, not on the same day but they set the ball rolling for them. They did usual blood pressure oxygen level checks and was due to go back there when lung function tests were in However I wanted to do Pulmonary Rehab and they recomended it too me and said they would send me an appointment. I later heard that I could not have a place with Boston as I live outside the catchment area ( I live near sleaford about 25 mins away) so they told me to try Grantham, which I did and I have to tell you I was so glad I did and can not reccomend Grantham highly enough. T he care I have had from them is excellent no problems with appointments friendly helpful caring Doctors as well as wonderful respitory nurses, who are always keen to help if you phone with a problem. I hope this helps Julie

  • That's great news Julie,thankyou.I live in Lincoln so was wondering why Boston.but have put my mind at rest.very much appreciated. Xx

  • Would I have to ask my GP for a referral ?

  • Hi Angela,I don't know !! But I would mention it to your GP.My own GP made this appointment for me after the results of my CT scan showed scarring.good luck x

  • Thanks Jambo

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