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Help with my research project

Hello, my name is Jadon and I am studying an Access to Nursing course at Central Bedfordshire College aiming to do a Degree in Child Nursing in September.

I am conducting a research project into the awareness that people have of current health issues, looking into whether the NHS is doing enough for public awareness and whether some aspects aren’t looked into enough.

I'm specifically looking into COPD and my research quit on is on the lines of - is there enough awareness and information about COPD

I would be really grateful if you could fill out my questionnaire and help me with my project.

It should only take a couple of minutes and would help me a lot. Thanks very much


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Good luck with the survey - I'm sure you will get a lot of informative responses.



Can't seem to get on the questionnaire.

polly xx


Polly, I just copied and pasted link to my google bar, and that was it,

Jadonfell, done the survey, hope you it helps your research, and good luck with the rest of your studies :)


Done it. x


I've filled it in. I was expecting it to be much longer. Good luck to you, I remember doing all that sort of stuff for my Masters degree

Lynne xx


from us, it will show awareness of COPD - in the general population it is not well understood - Eg I was told a decade ago by a doctor that COPD was progressive and that nothing could help - had she said stop smoking as it will slow the disease, I would have done !!!


Glad to help out, all the best with your studies,you've chosen a very noble career! huff :)


Hi Jadon. All done. Wishing you the best of luck with your chosen career path :)


Done - will we get to see any outcomes from this?

Best wishes



Thanks very much for the feedback, i will put my data into charts and will try and find a way to share the feedback! And also I'd be able to share my project when it's finished to anyone who wants it.

I used to work for central Bedfordshire council in the Blue badge department, and I remember being young and naive, asking my supervisor 'what is COPD?' At 17 I'd never heard of it!

But the WHO say that by 2030 it'll be the 3rd biggest killer! Even though its only a Level 3 project and not degree level, I'm so shocked by the lack of awareness of COPD in the country! Lots of info from BLF helped me.

Thanks everyone for taking part in the questionnaire, it will help me a lot! Thank you


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