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Training for mobility scooters? Should there be cmst? - (compulsory mobility scooter training)

I don't need a mobility scooter, and have no objections to those who need them to get out and about to make their lives better!!

My objection is simply to negligent users. Those people who don't handle their 'mobility scooter' responsibly!

Do you have to have training? do you have to have a license? Can you get breathalysed for drunk in charge? if guilty, what's the penalty?.

atb kevin

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In what way are scooter users negligent?

I have had one hit me in the back of my legs which made me fall.


Should have to take a proper driving test,the damn things ear dangerous in incapable hands,

Oh, I'd be looking for compulsory training on driving supermarket trolleys first - well, more people use them - and the resultant injuries must be more of a strain on the NHS than any injuries allegedly caused by mobility scooters, whether drivers are negligent or otherwise....

I know of a chap who was charged for being drunk in charge of a horse, so I think legislation is in place to cover anyone who has over-imbibed and tried to operate any form of vehicle.

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Well said, nowheeze, smart answer.

Don't know about you, Annie, but my ankles seem to act like a magnet, and I just can't move fast enough out the way .... I never get away with leaving the supermarket without at least one extra bruise ....

Agreed, and no wobbly wheels, no standing in the aisle gasbagging, no kids throwing tantrums, and please leave stuff where i can find it,

Got to agree on that one, no wobbly wheels, no standing in the aisle gossiping, no kids throwing tantrums, and leave things where i can find them.

You stand for election, hun bun, and you've got my vote ! :) x x x

What the HHH Howards Happy Hours, nah countries in a big enough mess as it is. ;)

Shock, horror. Just had a thought - you might be able to fix it :)

I think old ladies with shopping trolley's should be banned. One ran over my feet while in the post office waiting to be served, she didn't bat ab eyelid. Wait till I see her when I'm out on my scooter, payback time yaaaa. :)

Not just the elderly Exblonde, what about the mums who let their kids push them?

A few years ago I was based in a council office wile I was sorting out premises for the project I was working on. The road safety officer was also based there and she had a terrible time with mobility scooter users.

Some are allowed on the road, some are not. Do users of these things know the difference? She soon found out that the users she spoke to neither knew or cared. Working with community wardens and the Police she tried to stop several scooter users in the street to talk to them about road safety and so on. She eventually gave up and applied for a different job...

There are many who know whats what and are sensible, but there are also some who will abuse these vehicles and if you say anything you're going to get a stream of abuse. They are the ones who need training, but who is going to do it, and how?

And no, apart from under an ancient 1872 Licensing Act about carriages, they can't usually be done for drunk in charge... :(

Gordon this person did get done :D

and yes she was prosecuted under a 1892 Act :D

Sorry 1872 I remember it being passed



Not long ago, A mobiklity scooter went straight across my path without looking. It was so unexpected, that I caught the scooter. And guess who came off worse, not me! She did have the grace to apologise. My scooter wasn't affected.

I am always aware of pavement etiquette when I am on my scooter. I have the policy that the walkers have the right of way. I see a child or a dog, and I stop and wait. No, I am not perfect but with scooter etiquette, I am fussy. I dont want to be sued, or kill anyone. .

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Oh Annieseed how I wish everyone is like you, our nearest seaside town is always busy on a Saturday but last week it looked like they were having a 'scooter rally' a nightmare to try and get to the market stalls, after taking our life in our hands several times we gave up and came home.

Gordon, a mobility scooter user in Cambridge was had for being drunk, It hit the local news.

They can be done for general drunk and disorderly, or the Police have to rely on a very old act as I mentioned.

Sorry to be sexist, chaps, but some old men are terrors. They still think they are driving their ferraris. See an old boy on a scooter, I stay out of the way!!!

I thought yu could be charged for drunk in charge of one, i know if your using one on the road it has to be taxed, tested and mot'd, so where's the difference ?

Mine is a pavement only one but our village did not have dropped curbs so sometimes I had to go onto the road. I contacted the council explaing that 1 it was dangerous for me and 2 I was breaking the law. They were marvelous a lovely lady came out to do a site servey she walked around with me and marked the curbs that needed lowering 2 months later it was done. I can now drive in safety to the shop (we only have one) post office, chemist, library and most importantly the pub. :)

Well this has helped :) I've been thinking of getting scooter & was bit worried bout hubby borrowing it to go the pub, but now I can just show him this blog as proof he,l get "done" for riding it :)

Thanks gang :D


I live in a small town in Dorset and the average age of the inhabitants is about three thousand and nine (my three thousand and eighth birthday coming up soon before every one sends me hate mail).

Most of them have motability scoots and are wonderfully behaved; have witnessed only one incident which was funny (not really bless 'em but ashamed to say I laughed). There was a couple who had matching scoots (and anoraks) which were laden with shopping. As one of them turned the corner, in complete slow motion, the shopping gracefully toppled over taking the scoot with it. The poor old boy leapt (oh yes, leapt) off it and jumped up and down, effing and blinding and shouting at his wife who was oblivious to what had just happened. As he was obviously okay, when the traffic lights changed I drove on - I would have stopped if he was in trouble honest.

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For sure some are irresponsible mobility scooter drivers and there have been a couple fined for being drunk in charge of their vehicle.

Training is happening:

The Guardian say Police offer mobility scooter training but unsure if it may become compulsory in the future, it should be, especially if a driver is reported as being drunk in charge of one or reckless driving that could cause another injury.

Check this out:

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Another charged here:

I am sure any HealthUnlockder scooter riders would never consider driviing down the middle of a main road(with a queue of traffic behind them) and on hearing the horns would at the end of the road wave to the drivers with a two fingered salute,nor would they block the entrance to the supermarket preventing an easy exit for people with a trolley load of goods,sitting outside the pub supping ale and at the same time almost blocking the entrance to said pub,charging down the footpath at a rate that would do justice to a Ferrari

Nearly forgot to mention the grandad/grandma racers on Skeggy seafront.


Oh yes I would if I can do it in a car I am bloody sure I can do it on a scooter :P

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Of course not Richard - wonderful lot here (possibly) (mostly) :)

I am pleased my blog query has been answered with such gusto...I didn't expect anything else really.

Thank you one and all.

I think after compulsory same sex marriage statute goes through I will ask my MP to introduce responsible walkng lessons at school. No rapid stopping, no reversing without looking etc. Pavement etiquette sounds good. once they have the basics the foundations are laid for mutual respect in us all moving around together.

enjoy the day


;) for sure


ROFLMy self silly? Right or wrong?

If I am right are you now a sillier witch?

have fun

I thank you Kevin laughing to much & missed right key :D

oh, right..... another tena lady moment hehehehehe

You love your tena ladies, nowheeze. Boots are doing an offer right now!

Well, they save all those embarrassing moments, ya know. Ooo, must pop into Boots straight away. Since I joined this site, I seem to be going through rather a lot :) x x x

Cheaper just wearing wellies,,mind you,,,,, you would have to empty them,,now and again,, :D

LOL .... nooooo don't like wet feet..... baaaad raptor :p

Nobody seems to have mentioned the inconsiderate pedestrian who walk straight in front of us, or people texting walking straight at us or worst of all the vehicle parked on a pavement without a dropped kerb insight, the drivers can't see any wrong in it, nor when they park across a dropped kerb! Keep smiling.

Carole x

Hi carole,

You have strengthened my arguement to call for my call to introduce responsible walking lessons at school. (See my entry above)

I would simply like a little more respect and consideration and perhaps thoughtfullness between our fellow humans. Too many people seem to be totally self focussed in their own little world, especially since mobile phones multiplied exponentially.

Enjoy your day


I have read the comments with some joy, first I have two scooters one pavement and one class three scooter the difference is the pavement scooter is only allowed on the pavement and is only 4 miles at its max speed it can go slower,the class 3 to go on the road must be capable of 8 miles per hour have headlights rear lights indicators and be road taxed.

I have read the comments with some joy, first I have two scooters one pavement and one class three scooter the difference is the pavement scooter is only allowed on the pavement and is only 4 miles at its max speed it can go slower,the class 3 to go on the road must be capable of 8 miles per hour have headlights rear lights indicators and be road taxed.

Hi Sachmo, (real name or blog name? Whatever, reminds me of the first record i ever bought, What a wonderful World. Louis armstrong.)

You are obviously a serious enthusiast. As such, i would anticipate you are a highly responsible rider/driver. I wish you many encounters with other road and pavement users are courteous and safe!

I have learnt much from my query

Best wishes


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