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Mobility Scooters


An appeal to anyone who has experience of mobility scooters. 25 yards or so is my maximum now before I need a rest. I still want to be active outside the house so I wonder if a mobility scooter is the answer. Our car is fairly new so we will not change it, that restricts me to pavement scooters which can be dismantled and put in the boot or something like the Mobie which you can take anywhere and folds up without having to be taken to bits.

I wonder if any of you have any comments based on your experience

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Best advice I can give Winebuff is to shop round as many places as you can. The disabled seem to be regarded as cash cows by some scooter retailers and prices vary enormously - even for the same scooter.

Best regards, Bobby

Hi winebuff Good for you go for it, if you have never tried one go to your local shopmobility most will give you instruction and have several models if you look on line you can read all the specs and get informed about the best type for you depending on what you need then you have some info before you go to the stockist.

Good luck have fun nanaeal

You will get a shock ar the price of a new scooter,there is a large second hand market for these,,check it out..Doing that could save you hundreds of pounds,,the father in law had one,,cost new £120O,,USED IT ABOUT 10 TIMES,,before he passed away,,only worth about £500 now,,so be carefull ,,a good second hand one will do the buisness,,, you can also get a winch for the car to get it in and out,,they weigh a ton...


I would be lost without mine bought about 2yrs ago in Halfords for £700. Mine is a Stirling Little Star 4 wheels. Don't get a 3 wheel version I had one and they are unstable prone to tipping on a slope. We have a winch fitted to the car it is operated by remote control so no lifting. I think this cost about £250.

I have taken it on trains and planes with no problems. Good Luck xx


The mark up in shops is three or four times the rrp .

Look at

I' m lazy I had a hoist fitted.

stone-UK in reply to stone-UK



Wanting to join the other HealthUnlockder racers are we?



I wonder if we could have scooter olympics ????

Thank you everyone so far. I like the competiveness idea, would we have to grade the scooters?


I have a Liteway 4, brilliant bit of kit, dismantles to go in the car, but check you can lift each part easily, to healthy people they are ok but to us they can be a problem.

These machines can make your life so much better, just getting out and always make me feel better.

You have to shop around, how some places justify the price they charge is a mystery, if you buy second hand check you can get it fixed locally if things go wrong.

The same scooter can be found on the net as is in your local shop, but if you have to send it back to the other end of England because a screw has come loose it can be annoying.

Try sitting on several different ones, and a road test is essential (especially for men) you need to know you feel comfortable and safe. Finally insurance a must, in this age of accident claims, unless you want to end up with a big bill, make sure you get some cover

Tks moneal. Really useful information

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