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At last the end of a scary week spent mostly on a bipap machine to reverse acidosis and high blood co2

Last Monday I felt like I had hit rock bottom after a bad arterial blood gas test; low O2, high co2, and acidosis. I had already been wearing a bipap mask at night, but it was so uncomfortable that I struggled with it and I admit that I forgot to put it on a few times. In short I hated it. I have been having these painful arterial blood tests regularly for what seems like an age, well before Christmas anyway, and the last one I had had wasn't too bad, but last Monday everything had reversed again and I felt dreadful. They wanted me to stay in hospital, but I asked them to let me try a different mask at home. They allowed me a nasal mask, which is still uncomfortable, but manageable. I knew this was serious this time and tried to wear it for at least 8 hours a day/night, but was still very anxious that it might not be working.

Yesterday I tried to go for a short walk, knowing that I would have to walk into the hospital and to the clinic, however it was awful. All I could manage, without stopping was about 20-30 metres. Needless to say I didn't sleep much last night.

Today I'm delighted to say, was a good day. Not only was I able to walk into the hospital ok, my blood/gas results were much better. No acidosis, my O2 levels have improved and my co2 levels have also come down a bit. It's by no means perfect, but I'm back on the right track and have some hope again. I am getting used to the bipap mask, although I still don't like it much, it's worth it.... Now I just need to work on my fitness again, but I feel positive about the future and fully intend to enjoy as much of the summer as I can...

Good luck to you all, I hope you feel well and can smile and appreciate the sunshine. XXX

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O dear you haven't had a good time lately have you , I'm glad you are feeling better , I don't have what you have got , but I relate to the mask as my husband has to wear one for sleep apnoea , and he can only tolerat it for around 1hr , glad you have a positive outlook as its needed with our lung problems keep well




I hate those arterial tests, OUCH!! Not a good time for you,but glad its getting better.Keep positive,Wendells x


well done I have been fighting an infection now for months,30 meter well I struggle at that normally

next months weather looks to be better


Phew, what an awful time you've had. I hope you've got some support around you.

I take my hat right off to you, you're amazing to have coped and come out the other end so positive. All the very best to you. P


So glad you are feeling better - when you are at rock bottom, it feels like things will never get better! Brilliant - you have done brilliantly! Take good care and hope today is a good day too. TAD xx


Sorry you've been feeling so bad but uplifted that you're feeling so much better. You're feeling positive and a big heart is shining through - well done :-)

Good luck,



The mask is awful, in fact I couldn't continue with it for very long when I got home. It helped in hospital after struggling to wear it to discover that the co2 levels were poor probably due to the o2 being set too high. I was being advised to wear it over 12 hours! I can really sympathise with anyone having to keep it on. I had the machine at home for quite a while but in the end I stopped using it since I felt much worse being unable to sleep with it on. I hope you keep on improving and feel more positive now. Don't lose heart. Gina x


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Thank you for all your kind thoughts and comments. It really helps to know that you're not the only one to go through it all. ( and to be able to have a moan sometimes, without feeling bad about worrying your nearest and dearest!) This site is truly great. ;-) X


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