Why did I do it ???

Must have thought I was fit as a fiddle today as I decided to paint my bathroom including the celling white, what a mistake...Been at it all day my hair is white so are my glasses there is paint everywhere but not much on the walls as I was trying to use the roller fixed onto the broom to paint the ceiling over the bath and the top of the walls. Last time I did the bathroom I stood on a chair in the bath, would be scared to do it now though. How on earth am I going to finish it. Answers on a postcard......To think I have got to do it all over again for the second coat. I feel ill just thinking about it. ADVICE NEEDED. Can I paint plastic pipes ? with gloss ? Have got to have a shower but no energy to put curtains back up, bit worried about the old people in the home opposite in case I give any of them a heart attack still at least they would have died laughing. x

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I have no advice at all to give you other than maybe if you stood in your shower with no curtains you just might get someone from the home stagger across the road and put your curtains back up for you at least :D

B&Q do proper poles for rollers :) try that :)

Oh & just use drawing pins on curtains for now, mind you dont wash all paint off walls with steam :(


Good effort on painting though :D

Do a mr bean bucket of paint, stick of that stuff that goes bang,light t he fuse and run fer fun, :)

You can paint plastic pipes. Two coats of gloss, no undercoat. Best if the pipes are keyed in... Light sandpaper will scratch the surface so the paint will stick.

Have fun with the rest of your bathroom.



Fun you call this fun.......but thanks for the info, never painted plastic pipes x

Hiya Nixy

Haven't Brum council got one of those handy persons schemes for more mature residents?

We have got one down the road in Sandwell and very useful they are too. Might be worth a phone call.

Love from Bobby xxx

Good idea jandan, will give it a go shortly, They might not be able to see all that well and once they were in my clutches well anything could happen. Let you know how I get on (thats if I am not to busy) I seem to have perked up all of a sudden !!!! x

Rollers are too messy for me. I use the spongey things advertised on tv, and a brush to cut out walls / ceilings / skirting boards / doors / power points.

My late hubby was a painter and decorator to trade. I hadn't realise how easy I'd had it all those years. Going from picking a paper, picking paint colour, then picking his wallet for a day's retail therapy, to actually having to apply paint to wall, was a culture shock....

Advice on pipes - I suggest you read the instruction on the gloss paint, and what the manufacturer recommends it's used for .... aside from that .... clueless ....

Think we all been there,take on a bit too much,,try your local church,,some have volenteers or groups that do things like yhat for people xx

Thanks everyone, Oh and there is a painting party at my house tomorrow, only tall people are invited by the way xxx

There is a high and mighty being after all - I'm short, tiny, not big in any way shape or form - so sorry :) would of course, loved to help you and all that :( :)

Oh, sorry Nixy only 5'1" .... I don't pass the height criteria .... so disappointed. You can tell that, can't you? :) x x

Would be delighted to help but sorry only 5ft........

Yeah, scrobbitty I can tell you are devastated, really really upset that you cant help. Never mind I will have to share your special tipple between the very tall hansom men that will be popping in tomorrow with their paintbrushes. (shame really as I got you a whole bottle all to yourself) sigh !!!!

You little temptress :) Nope, been sat in the grow-bag for a whole half an hour and it's not working; thinking of suing that flipping garden centre. See how much effort I was making to be able to help you in your hour of need ! :) Should at least be rewarded with the cork from the bottle I reckon.

The answer is staring you in the face nixy:-azaard,kevi,phillips,raptor = the HealthUnlocked decoratoring team. On call 24/7

I hope you find this information useful.


KingoftheCocktails, erm would your motley crew actually expect payment, and erm could any of you actually get up a ladder without a winch ?? If you can then the job is yours.......x

I would want full payment up front+ overtime.Shouldn't take my crew more than six-seven weeks to complete.This will be on an hourly rate basis.Once payment is received I will be able to manage the team by email from Barbados.

Cash is the only way I do business.This will all be agreed on a gentlemans handshake.

Wow, so impressed only 6/7 weeks to complete a bathroom measuring 75" x 50", and one door to paint plus skirting boards, oh and another coat of white paint. Flabbbberghaaasted to say the least. The job is yours. Off to the bank with wheelbarrow to collect cash as we speak. x

Oh I am a lady dont do handshakes will a slobbery kiss on the cheek do? (dog owner explains a lot)

Could you deposit the money in the travel agents for me ,please

Don't do slobbers.

Cork will be sent post and package paid of course, soon as bottle is empty. enjoy a sniff. Ha bet you wish you were a tad taller now. (Scrobbitty I bet you are about 6 ft., tall really, spit it out, you just dont like painting)

You got x-ray specs my dear? Bum - found out !:) I enjoy a good sniff :)

5'3 and three quarters in toes - and I love painting but it doesn't like me anymore :( Now about those hot, handsome helpers ............................................

You can always move nixy! :)

party did I hear party :) share your grow bag scrobity I need it more than you :) suppose I could keep the alcopops flowing instead :)

Have it tiled floor to ceiling you will never have to paint it again or at least only the woodwork.

To paint the ceiling get a fence paint brush and a brome handle and it can you be put in to the paint brush handle and tape to hold it in or a screw .cut handle to length .

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