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ITCD update

The Nottingham Respiratory Research Unit Events Committee supported the International Clinical Trials Day with two stands at both the Nottingham City Hospital and the Queens Medical Center.

It was a good day with people signing up for trials and what's more I got a new member for Breathe Easy Nottingham



Make it a good day,sign up to your local Breathe Easy group.It's free!

Details from the friendly BLF Helpline on 03000 030 555Mon=Fri 10am-6pm

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Well done Richard, you do such a lot of good work for the cause.

Lynne xx


Well done, Richard for promoting such a worthy cause - and nabbing a new member too for Breathe Easy Nottingham - what a bonus. That, sir, is what I call a RESULT :) x x x


Well done Richard, I joined you in spirit, red wine of course. Did you really have to go as far as bribing your new Breathe Easy victim, sorry member, with tales of the exercise dress code though to get them to join? :)


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