Have you got a crush on someone?

.............................It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone

.............................................An hour to like someone

..........................................And a day to love someone

.............................But it takes a lifetime to forget someone




It only takes a minute to get a crush on your local Breathe Easy Group

Why not contact the BLF 03000 030 555 for joining details

Or visit the BLF website

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I like that - in the last sentence, does it hint at bearing grudges. If there is something i cant stand, people bearing grudges.

I didn't read it that way Annie, more like a remembrance of a love that's now gone.... I didn't see grudge in there at all....

The state of my awful mind

You're mind ain't awful... you just see thing alternatively :)

I've used this excuse on numerous occasions, and it's got me out of some pretty sticky situations .... :)

You are what might be called one big excuse Eh?

Funnily enough, my mother used to say that too.... can't think why

Well nowheeze,she would have known

It's the way the mind works sometimes annie

Got it in one nowheeze

I was always good at interpretation at school :)

Yep nowheeze.good at the WRONG interpritation !

but I'm always good at it :)

No grudges intended annie

Dont think it,s grudges Jan, I Know I,ll never forget my relations & friends who have gone & I know you wouldn't either

They will be with us till we join them eh King


Does anyone think about all the people that they haven't seen for years, sadly have lost touch for some reason or other.

I have many friends I have lost touch with and it saddens me annie

They will never be forgotten sillywitch


Oh I have crushes that is all I do have these days ;)

A grudge another word for poison. Grudges eat you up and life is too short xxx

Sorry jan was replying to annie & your joke still in my head so typed your name :) daft bat eh?

Dont do grudges here, life to short


Last night you were bitchwitch tonight you are daft bat.Please can you make your silly little mind up as to what you want to be called sillywitch

you may have guessed that I cant cope with people with grudges. Generally there is no shifting them.

Annie.I have people who have grudges against me for what they have done theirselves.I try to ignore them.

And who are these crushes on nowadays my dear jandan?Being nosey,


Well to be honest anyone who breathes :D

I am a member of Breathe Easy.Do I quallify?

Mmmm Maybe ;)

METHINKS,the meaning is your first love,,still rememember mine,,jennifer at the youth club,my sisters friend..Never plucked up the courage to say anything,,my sister told me years later that she had felt the same way towards me,,i can still see her in my mind,,my lost love...

Me too Raptor. Mine was called Joan and was a sunday school teacher. I had high hopes but her dad said I wasn't good enough for her (remember those days when girls listened to their dads?). She ended up married to a window cleaner while I went onwards and upwards.. Happy innocent days.


An act of God Bobby

Mine was Cynthia smudger Smith.My mates bet me six pence each that I wouldn't snog her.Oh yes I could have made a fortune.

No, but I wouldn't mind one

I think you have a big crush on FRED peeg

well,when I put his dog collar on he does lie at my feet panting and looking at me adoringly :D

I have a crush .... and sssh.... it's a secret one :) I'm not telling :) x x x

Dont worry,i have this problem all the time,,i will pm you my address,xx :P

raptor your only crush is COLLIE wobbles

Let me guess -- is it King?

erm.... no :) see I told ya.... secret

how rotten can you be ....

My mother always said I was rotten to the core ..... guess she was right LOL x x x

Your mother had very good judgement nowheeze

Yeah, but she was no fun, unlike me. ;)

Your mother was very game for a laugh.Well after all she had you and that's one big laugh she had..see she was full of fun

annie she is to rotten for the cider press

Meanie nowheeze

I know :)

Oh annie,a crush on me ooooooooh how nice

You bet your cotton socks, King

I'm soooooooo excited

Nowheeze has a crush Hee HEE............It's a fruity one...........it's a GRAPE.

I think crushes are lovely - they raise the spirit bringing a smile and a glint to the eye and a kinda lilt to the heart.

Grudges are self destructive and have no place here.

Chris ;-)

Sweet,sweet the memories crushes give us.

A white sports coat and a pink carnation

Yep,more memories

Super.I saw them at their night club in London.Fab

I had a crush on my driving instructor back in the 80's. He would put his knee in the way of the gearstick so I would keep touching it. Unfortunately he was just a tease - a happily married tease...Never touched his gearstick though.... :)

bev x

Yes, Bev .... LOL .... another tena lady moment .... hehehehehe :)

That's naughty nowheeze.

Did you pass the test?????????????I mean ,really bev

Yep passed. Bought him a tie with - male chauvanist pig on - he loved it. :)

Bev x

And 48 years later, there's not many days go by without.....................

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