At last

I have had a chest infection, only the third in my life, and have just had two lots of ABs with only limited effect.

I have seen my GP who is a copd specialist and he has put me on an immediate 6 day course of steroids. 6 @ 1mg tablets per day. I already feel so much better as I was really struggling to breathe. He says I am one of the ones who will probably need them every time I get an infection and has added them to my rescue pack.

He has said that 6 days won't cause any of the nastier side effects and so far, I don't have a history of lots of exacerbations. He also said that I should try to judge whether I need them or not in future exacerbations as they might not always be necessary. However, if in doubt, take them.

I've tried to read up about them on here to learn more, so hopefully, it's the right way to go for me. Before I had them, I don't think I have ever felt so ill and helpless.

Lynne xx

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  • Glad you felling better,,longmay it continue xx :)

  • Glad to hear they are working for you. I'm contemplating starting a course as my chest is so heavy and sore with this infection. I don't like using them as they make me ravenously hungry and make sleep almost impossible, but push has come to shove....

  • On anti-bs and steroids as we speak ... helping me too :) Get well soon

    Sandra x x x

  • Better news Lynne x

    At our surgery, we have a booklet with our individual action plans - swizzy or what? - she advised me to start firstly with steroids and if they weren't doing much by themselves jump in with the antibiotics. To be fair, done it a couple of times and avoided the anti's. Carry on getting better :)

  • I should add, obviously there was full discussion of how and when and if to follow the action plan. The booklet is produced in conjunction with the NHS and is, I think, being rolled out to all surgeries little by little. They understand that the need to be in control of your particular illness is of great benefit to the patient, always on the proviso that they are capable or willing to do that. It alleviates the doctor's time and the need to go to the surgery at a time when your immune system is down and you are liable to pick up any other lovely virus floating around.

  • Been to the dr. today, chest is clear for the moment, left with a rescue pack. Touch wood when I see the fields of rape around us. The smell hangs in the air.

  • The rape makes me feel really ill every year. I dread seeing the yellow muck let alone smelling it! We grow it in abundance around here. Anyone want it? :-) Alison

  • Glad you got the prednisolone Lynn, for a lot of lung patients antibiotics alone are not enough.

    If its possible I do always get a professional opinion before I take mine as I would rather avoid taking them if I can.

    Hope you doc explained when you should take them:

    Some symptoms that may indicate a lung infection are:

    A worsening of symptoms, feeling unwell, change in mucus colour, tight chest and pain round the back, lungs hurt when breathing, burning in the lungs, breathing more difficult, shortness of breath worse than usual on exertion, legs feel heavy when walking. Some of these are general indications, others are what I have experienced myself.

    Get better soon.

  • Thanks. I'm pretty good at judging when I have a lung infection now, judging whether or not I also need the steroids will be more tricky. My last chest infection cleared up with ABs alone, this time I was fighting to breathe, so I think that's the difference.

    Lynne xx

  • Hi Lynne, hope you have some time to relax and recover before you start up again.

    Good to hear you're beginning to improve.

    Take care :-)

    Chris xx

  • I will Chris. No work until the end of next week, so 9 days.

    Lynne xx

  • Do you mean 6 x 1mg tablet per day as that is a very low dose, the normal would be 6 x 5mg tablets = 30mg per day for a week?

    Hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Sorry, my mistake. Yes, it's 3mg tabs.

    Lynne xx

  • I mean 5 lol. I will get it right soon.

  • I tend to use the antibiotics and leave the steroids alone unless I feel that I need them. You get to 'know' in time.

    Anyone with a rescue pack should have an action plan to go with it. There seem to be loads knocking about on the Internet, but I've not been given one yet... :( At least I know what my local one looks like > :)

  • That looks brilliant thanks Gordon. I have my own Community Matron folder at home in which they record stuff, there are a few bits about how to deal with the illness, but nothing as good as that.

  • That's really good Gordon. I have a book they gave me but they don't call it a care plan.

    Lynne xx

  • Yep - just a pity I've never been given one, and I live in Doncaster...!

  • Hope you recover soon Lynne. Libby x

  • Glad the steroids are helping, hope you are fully better soon Lynne.

    take care - love Anna x

  • Hi Lyn,pleased you are feeling more perky.

    :) x

  • Good to hear you got meds. my docs said all i need to do if i get your another chest infection is call and script will be done same day. hope your better soon.

  • Glad to hear you are improving Lynne. Keep it up sweetheart.

    Love from Bobby xxx

  • Hi Lynne, I needed steroids with the last infection I had the first anti b got rid of the infection but the cough remained the same. It only shifted when I started the steroids I was on 8 x5mg reducing by 5mg daily it was when I got down to 4 pills 20mg that the cough improved and my breathing got better. Hope your feeling better soon

  • Hi Lynne, I am with Gordon, I take antibiotics first and if I still feel unwell the steriods, hope you feel well again soon.

    Best wishes Ju x

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