Feeling under the weather

Hi all,has anyone got some funnies,,only just managed to climb out of bed,feeling pretty s###y today.i think it's this bloody weather,was really humid here yesterday and everything was a bit of a struggle,didn't sleep to good so thought,to heck with it I'm off back to bed.slept like a baby for last 9 hours,don't feel like doing anything now.problem is I'll be up all night again.Damn :(

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  • Don't know for certain why, but there's a few on here today feeling like that .... :(

  • It's been really humid here last couple of days,in the 90% . Just no air about

  • There used to be a 'thingey' (the actual word evades me) for the week days starting with Moaning Monday, Terrific Tuesday, Windy Wednesday, Thoughful Thursday .......... I'm skipping Fridays, make your own up !!!!!) etc., etc.

    Tuesday looking good people :) :) :)

  • Roll on Tuesday ....

  • I hope you feel more lively soon :)

    Lynne xx

  • Thanks :) xx

  • Does this help at all ;)


  • Now that's cheered me up :) :)

  • It tickled me first time I saw it and it still does years down the line :)

    Glad it helped. :)

  • Hi Jambo, I know what you mean, sleep all day, awake all night. Then next day you're just as grumpy as ever! Get yourself a hot toddy tonight and get all cosy and hopefully the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's will come. Libby

  • You know what Libby,what a good idea,let's get the whiskey out.just really having one of those days where don't give a damn :)

  • I 2nd that Libby.......the hot toddy bit.

  • I dunno. I'm surrounded by smokers and boozers. All we need now is the nymphomaniacs. Ooops! sorry ******** didn't see you stood there. lol

    Love to all from Bobby xxx

  • Maybe tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can men be described as nymphomaniacs? If so, I look forward to tomorrow ... :-) Alison

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