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Suspected lung condition

Hi, I'm new to this site. Looking for some advice, i would be grateful for any received. I am 35 and had double pneumonia and pleurisy following a series of cold-like viruses in December and January. I have had chest infections since then and been on 7 courses of antibiotics, none of which seem to be effective. I have had a few chest x rays, the last one showing a mass in my lower left lung. Am now under a chest doctor who said I should have a ct scan and had been trying to refer me for one for 6 weeks. Radiology don't want me to have unless necessary. I have involved PALs who are trying to help.

I am a smoker and trying to give up today.

My gp doesn't think it's serious but probably have scarring. I lost a stone whilst i had pneumonia and another stone over the last six weeks. I am very fatigued with a productive cough. anyone had similar experiences? Thanks.

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Hi Benji28

I think I would push for the CT scan as your chest doctor advised. A CT scan is a way to be sure what actual lung damage you have.

My own experience was similar to your own, the antibiotics didn't work for me either, then I was prescribed a prednisolone course (a steroid) which cleared the lung shadow which I had at that time.

I did go through a series of tests before the CT Scan mainly to rule out other illnesses, I don't want to worry you but these for me were part of the diagnosis, they were lung and heart scans, xrays, including isotope, barium meal and various other test.

I would give the helpline a call to ask their advice about what they recommend you ask for.

03000 030 555

How is your breathing at this time Benji?

I hope you can get some action that will help you get a diagnosis and also get the medicine that is going to help you the most.

Good wishes



Thanks for your reply Blakey. I am desperate to have this ct scan. When I saw my consultant he did a couple of tests including the lung capacity test and six minute walk which didn't raise concerns and he was going to discharge me until he saw the x ray with the mass and gave me double dose of antibiotics and said he would refer me for a scan.

I haven't had any other tests but am willing to do them. I called the helpline and am just waiting for a call back.

My breathing is generally ok, But I can get breathless for no apparent reason, gp thinks this is my bodies response to my brain being aware there is someone wrong i.e. not necessarily a direct symptom.

Thanks again for your reply, just waiting to see if radiology agree to tbe scan, marked as routine.


I hope you can get thorough testing Benji to be sure what the doctors need to be treating.

I've never heard of the radiology department calling the shots about who can have a scan or not. It should be down to the consultant if he thinks you need one.

By the way ACE idea giving up the fags, get all the help and support you need to achieve that goal. Wishing you every success.

All the best with your results once you get them lined up.


Hope all will be well with you , but insist that you get this scan at least it will put your mind at rest


Twenty years ago I too had pleurisy followed by double pneumonia, and then chest infections I couldn't shift with antibiotics. Ended up in hospital on intravenous antibiotics and steroids. Lost a stone and a half, A and E must have been sick to death of seeing me.

Just keep fighting on, and look after yourself as best you can.

About the smoking....the blog section of this site offer loads of help.


Thank you all for your advice. I'm not sure how radiology are putting a block on things, doesn't make sense to me. I will get clarification from PALs. Lovely lady on the helpline said to continue pushing for a scan. She wondered whether All the courses of antibiotics I've had haven't been long enough. I'm wondering whether iv antibiotics would help, but I doubt the doctors would agree. Might see my gp, again, tomorrow. Am off work atm as so fatigued.

Oh knitter, were you rushed into A and E? Did the iv antibiotics and steroids help you? Bless you, I know how you feel though, my gp surgery must be sick of me, along with my consultant's secretary and PALs!

I will have a look at the blogs about the smoking, thank you.


You are very young and I'm very sorry you're going through this now.

Many of us had a similar beginning to our lung isssues but are much older.

Vital to give up smoking to stop any further damage to your lungs and to give you the best chance of a full and healthy life.

Never mind if you're going to GP alot, it's your health and your right to get a diagnosis.

A CT scan will show all then they can diagnose and treat you accordingly.

There is a bug ( I cant spell it...psuedonomas?) that is hard to get rid of........... have a look at the lung conditions described on this site so you have a better understanding of them. Arm yourself with info - but dont look at American sites.

Good luck and do keep pressing for a diagnosis - I've been begging for a CT scan for months - have you called the BLF helpline yet??? P


Thank you Peeg. I went to my GP again this morning as my consultant rang me to tell me to obtain more antibiotics. So have I have just started a 2 week course, my 8th lot!

With the help of valuable help of PALs, I am having a CT scan this Friday followed by an appointment with my consultant - which has been brought forward by 3 weeks. I am so pleased and hopefully on the path to some answers, finally.

I have been determined to provide a sputum sample but seem to have dried up! I have heard about that stubborn bug.

I am trying to cut down my online research now as have scared myself with plenty 'you are doomed' results! No doubt if/when I get a diagnosis I will be researching it until I reach the end of the internet though!

I called the BLF helpline yesterday and the nurse was very helpful, would recommend calling them. She agreed to press with asking for the CT scan.

Thanks for all the advice.


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