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Breathing exercise classes for asthmatics?

Just wondering if anyone had attended breathing classes for people with asthma?

I'm sure my breathing technique leaves a lot to be desired.

I go to a great osteopath to keep my upper back loose - it tightens when my asthma is worse, but I am hypermobile so going for osteopathy is good anyway. She thought going to breathing lessons would be a brilliant idea.

Thanks in advance for any feedback, advice etc


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Hi Koala

I'm not aware of any specific breathing classes for people with asthma, it may be worth speaking with your doctor about this.

There are complementary therapies which cover breathing such as the Buteyko Method - there is some information on the link below:

It may also be useful to see if you can access a physiotherapist who can help with breathing techniques.




years ago I did a Buteyko Breathing course with a practioner, it did make a difference, but I have had so many chest infections my asthma is bad again. You need to be really dedicated to do the exercises, and the courses now are expensive.

Mind you I gave my daughter some of her inheritance early, and paid for her to go last year..

The main idea behind it I think is that asthmatics suffer from "hidden hyperventilation"

I also had some acupuncture before so I am going to try that again


Hi Koala, my son developed asthma when he was 3. He'd taken so much awful medication (we'd lived in Africa until he was 6) that when he was about 10 I took him to an Alexander Tecnique Practitioner. He learnt how to keep his chest open and not 'cave in' when his breathing was bad. It really helped. I do it now unconsiously and hope he does too.


Hi I can highly recommend singing lessons as it involves breathing correctly and is good fun and you never know you could discover a hidden talent and end up on X factor or BGT


Dear everyone

Thank you all so much for your extremely helpful replies.

I will note it all down and ask my lung doc next time if he can give me a referral somewhere for Alexander Technique, Buteyko or whatever is available here and that he recommends.

Singing lessons, that is a very good idea, so is learning a woodwind instrument. My husband is a professional singer and percussionist so I have heard about their breathing control etc. Singing lessons isn't for me but I bet it'd help those who are into it!


koala x


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