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Disabled Parking Permits


Can anyone advise if parking permits are available for COPD sufferers.

I have mentioned to my doctor that I can no longer get to surgery unless I take a taxi, but she just ignores my requests. The car park is 10 minutes away and I have to stop at least twice to get my breath back, yet there are several disabled spaces at the surgery.

A permit would make such a difference to my life.

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From what I've read, they are. I expect the person would have to meet certain criteria, but having COPD can be a reason - presumably if the condition limited the person to the extent required to be eligible.

My Mum's best friend has got terrible arthritis. Her initial application for a disabled parking permit was rejected but she was issued one after lodging an appeal. She can walk a few metres.

Good luck, people who need them should get them. It really sounds like you do.



Apply in writing to the surgery, explaining the reasons why you want one (they should know already) Nothing like the written word!! Good luck.


Are these private permits the surgery issues or are you talkign about the blue badges that allow you to park in disabled bays across the country?

If its the latter then you can apply online to your local authority. You will be assessed and then if you are refused you have the ability to appeal. I wodul imagine that if you get a ble badge the surgery can't stop you from parking in their disabled bays. If they are private pays for use only with a permit issued by the surgery then you will need to contact the surgery.

Good luck



Hi, if you mean a blue badge parking permit - I think you apply online to your local authority. In our area they assess all applicants and although this sounds daunting, it wasn't at all. It has made a terrific difference to our lives. Good Luck TAD xx


I have just received a parking permit, they are issued by the local council. If you receive DLA benefit they are issued automtically, if not you will have to fill in a form (I did this over the phone) and attend an assessment. GOOD LUCK!

Gordon57 in reply to Hidden

Only automatic if you get higher rate of mobility component of DLA. lower rate or just care component and you have to apply to the council.

Start an application for a Blue Badge here > gov.uk/apply-blue-badge

I have COPD and was given a disabled parking permit I also claim disability living allowance have a go at claiming good luck xx

It is a Blue Badge I am talking about.

Thanks everyone for advice


Hi alan1234, wishing you some good results getting the blue badge, try your local council first or do the on-line application (link as provided by Gordon57)

Jo_BLFHelplineBritish Lung Foundation

Hi alan1234

Blue Badges are awarded more for the problems a condition causes rather than the condition itself.

If you had a blue badge then you would be able to park in the spaces at the surgery.

You will need to contact your local council to apply.



I don't claim anything but filled in the form and got mine with no questions asked and no assessment so I suppose it depends on your local authority.

The doctor do not have any say regarding a blue badge. You apply on line.

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