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Can you advice me on this chronic cough please?


I was diagnosed with slight Emphysema & Bronchiectasis a while back,i have this persistant cough which is really getting me down,it was only at night but now is through the day too,& i feel very tired,i start work at 4am but am off today because of no energy,i had blood tests last week, the nurse said i needed to have these before i can be reffered to a consultant,has anyone else any advice on how to ease this chronic & tyring cough.Thankyou

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Tried to answer you before but gremlins in my laptop again

All I can advise is to ring the BLF helpline today as you are off work.

I wish I could help with the cough...but awake since 5am myself with the same problem...sips of water help and a hot drink.

Good luck with the tests and best wishes

Hi, I also have your two diseases and the cough.Here is a very natural and effective cough aid which I use about twice a day.

1 Cut a small onion in half, peel and place in an empty jam jar.

2 Fill the jar with Runny Honey, close the lid and store in a cool place for 3 to 4 weeks.

3 Remove onion when it tastes strong enough.

One teaspoon as required. Works for me and members of my support group.

Good luck.and "sleep well".

Coughs are knackering. I hope you experience an improvement soon.

I've had a mucousy cough for around 5 weeks now and am feeling exhausted from it, but I started on more sprays on Monday after seeing my lung doc so am optimistic the cough will go. My friends seem terrified and/ or worried when they hear it, it is so incredibly loud!

Take care



My husband swears by Buttercup syrup - I am not convinced. Although last time he was coughing I bought some manuka honey and dissolved a teaspoon in a little hot water which he took every couple of hours and that seemed to help. I hope you start to feel better soon. TAD xx PS It might be worth a call to the helpline, the nurses might have a instant cure!

Hi Carol, is it a productive mucus cough ? I have bronchiectasis since birth and used to cough continually bringing up gunk all the time, so tiring and embarrassing, Now I use "postural drainage" every day to clear the lungs of gunk in one go, like people with CF do.

Also I use a Lung Flute mucus clearing device which works really well for me (but not for some people) there other gadgets called acapella and flutter but for me they do not work as well as the flute.

pleased to say I am now cough free for most of the day after draining.

best to ask GP for referral to a respiratory consultant if you have not already, they arrange the help with lung draining and gadgets. Also they send off your mucus sample to identify bugs that may be causing the cough, not many antibiotics work on some bugs. You have my sympathy with the chronic cough.


Thankyou to all who replied,i will take all advice on board.Carol x


I take Potters chest mixture - it seems to help a lot.

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