I have been to a 50th birthday party this afternoon, in Brighton m I have had 3 glasses of wine,some nibbles and cake and danced a little and I am so tired, I feel I have pushed the boat out far to much, and feel my body isn't mine, I feel dreadfull can't breath very well and I'm fed up, I used to be a party girl and now I feel like an old girl ready for the knackers yard

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  • It must have been the nibbles :) Not enough cake obviously and probably not even chocolate cake - no wonder your fuffed out ! Just remember, breathing is common as muck, only special people are breathless x

  • Is it any wonder I failed my English Degree with spelling like that - tsk tsk * you're

  • It was the cake my dear, it must have been off. It couldn't possibly have been the wine. lol. Hope you feel better soon. Love from Bobby xxx

  • Steptoe and Son have a good yard!

  • Oh to be a party girl again, how did we do it, up most of the night then managed to do a full days work then off again for another night of fun, and so it went on. No wonder we are in this state now. Good job we enjoyed it while we could ha ha x

  • Those were the days nixy x

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