It's true that we don't know

............................................IT'S TRUE THAT WE DON'T KNOW

................................................What we've got until it is gone

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,But it's also true that we don't know

........................................What we've been missing until it arrives



It's true that we don't know Breathe Easy is like until we join

Get in touch with British Lung Foundation on 03000 030 555 for joining details

Mon-Fri 10am -6pm

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First two sentences apply to my youth. The second applies, well --- let you know.

Hopefully it will arrive soon

Yes How Can We Know What We Don't Know Unless Someone We Don't Know Tells Us About What We Don't Know ... Like Really How Would We Not Know

Great Post .... Thought Why Not As I Don't Know Why You Don't Know .. And If You Don't Know And I Don't Know Perhaps Someone Can ?Tell Us Both As We Don't Know What We Should Know :))

So much KNOWledge.

Very True How Can So Many Know Nothing About Knowing Nothing If They Don'y Know Thay Know

They that know not,know not.

Good reasoning, here, daz. It made me think - good for my brain

You managed to know not that which daz was not knowing.You are clever,Teachers pet annieseed

That's briiliant ! dnsg !, Nigel Hawthorne would be so proud of you ! (Yes Minister) that is if you are old enough to remember the programme,judging by your posts I doubt it..... Have a happy sunday AL

I havw been around for many a year.Still young at heart!

Can't tell you becose I don't know either

Thats Know Good You Not Knowing About Not Knowing Like Really Who Dose Know About Not Knowing .... Azaard Might Know Or Might Know Nothing About Not Knowing

Azaard busy making lemon meringue but maybe he is not well

I am not knowing newlands

Not well my foot - he's in the pub .... and been there since lunch :)

well its not knowing what he is knowing ,what i am knowing but you are knowing

I know to much. My lips are sealed.

Wow at last.We have not knowingly obtained the impossible nowheeze

Mmmm mmm mmmm m

Hmm,hmm.hmm.hmm,hmm(a sealed laugh)

<head nodding>

You know it all.I mean you know you know it all newlands

Are you at the other end of the bar nowheeze?

hic, pardon me.... where are my manners :)

I know.Guessed right nowheeze

Ooooh tell me again he's making lemon meringue pie !

well they say he is out on the town!!so you and i have had it for our meringue pie .Do hope your ok i think about you, your photo reminds me o f my late father, take care

Er How Did I Know That Unless Someone Who Knew That Told Me As I Did Not Know That

Cheers :)

He doesn't belong to the not knowing.Knowing not is not a knowing game for him he knows not to say he knows not ,not knowing that he knows not

Yours wiull arrive,Someday

Yours will arrive ,Someday

Very true. Still waiting for the last bit though........... :-o Libby

A Don't Like Surprises Think Its The Not Knowing Ad Rather Know Now Than Not Know .... If You Know What A Me2n :)

Not knowing now. dazis not so good knowing

It always comes to those who wait

Okay, sat here patiently waiting for the punchline ........................ :)

the punchline will arrive with you oneday

not with our postman it won't :(

Remember that old one 'postie postie don't be slow be like Elvis and go mam go'

Still waiting

Why are you WAITING ? Sit comfortably it's on it's way!

Know what I lost, and the foretune teller let me know what's in store for me - just cross her hand with silver and she'll tell you gumph too :)

Credit card nowadays !

So, you think that 50p was wasted.... no wonder the future's not looking too bright :) oops

You know you only get what you pay for.Cheapskate!

Well, don't like encouraging them, now do we :)

I had a customer who was a fortune teller.I used to say to her ''How much is your fortune now'' She was a very wealthy lady

She's have seen that coming in her crystal ball .... :)

Forget paradise,

Put up a parking lot.

Now were have I heard that?

Can't imagine..................

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