What have I done ?????

OMG, I saw a rowing machine on a second hand site so I bought it (just like that !) Ordered it not thinking where I was going to put it. Its sitting in my very small living room next to the exercise bike that I never use !!! I have got problems with my knees and back. Goodness knows what state I will be in once I have tried it. It has a book and dvd with it. Fat lot of good it will do me lol. You can do so much with it so many different ways of using it. Trouble is I have no dvd player, and I am scared stiff of it. Well wish me luck folks cause I'm gonna need it. Word of warning NEVER go on these sites when you have a bad chest and temperature, you never know what you will end up with !!!! x

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  • You could always go back and look for a cheap outboard motor

  • Blooming good idea

  • When I went to stay with my daughter in Dubai, she had one. Nobody seemed to use but it was really good to hang my clothes on.

  • I'm with annie on this one - probably because my exercise bike has a pile of post on the saddle and two carrier bags hanging from the handles :)

  • Well yes thats the problem, unused exercise bike sitting next to the new rowing equipment. Whoops ! Time will tell.

  • I'm safe. I don't do gym work. Walking is my limit. And every gal should know her limit! Strange contraptions I leave to Ikea :) x x

  • Do what I did, move it outside in the summer (so you can exercise in the lovely fresh air) - then four years later it will be all but disintegrated having never given it another thought.

  • That is exactly what our daughter and SIL did with their pushbikes! How did you know? You do make me chuckle libby. xxxxxx

  • Well I did get on the thing earlier, started rowing, took one look at the dogs face and went into hysterics, and the more he looked at me the more I laughed, but I did keep rowing even though I was coughing up a storm and tears were rolling down my face. Good start I thought, so after 5 mins., hard work had a lettuce and salad cream sandwich a lollypop and a stiff drink. Sat down and had a quick peruse through booklet. OK righto supposed to do warm up and warm down exercises first. Ah so thats why I hurt in lots of places. Tomorrow is another day, will give it another go. Just won't look at the daft dog. x

  • My cat used to try and catch my feet when I pedalled the bike, bare feet not a good option on reflection.

  • Row,row ,row the?


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