Lots of swear words !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad chest so have been upstairs most of the day, came down stairs for a drink, could'nt see much out of living room window. Good god there was a huge caravan blocking my view on next doors drive. There is a caravan the other side which has never been moved for four years and is falling to pieces. I now cant see much at all. Bloody annoying when you spend a lot of time indoors. Anyway I used all the swear words I know (not many because I am a lady !!) Will have to develop tunnel vision ha ha. Hope you have all had a good day, I am away to my bed (again) with a hot toddy xxx

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  • The only thing you can do in that situation - good call :) And swearing loudly is good for you - think of all the lung exercise you got - but :( on the caravan

  • I really must try this scream therapy.

  • It's brilliant on all levels - great for lungs and great for releasing tension - win win I'd say :)

  • Again, I must try this. I think it'll help in so many ways :)

  • Sorry to hear your chest is bad today. Mine too. You have my unreserved sympathy.

    As for caravans, perhaps you should start a rumour and tell your neighbours the council is getting so desperate for housing solutions they are thinking of commandeering them .... hey, it worked for me :) x x

  • Oh that is a mighty fine suggestion - in fact my flat is a bit crummy and was thinking of a move ................ and nixy does hot toddies ;)

  • If Nixy is lucky, and the neighbours fall for the ruse, there won't be any caravans for you to move into .... Within a couple of days of me discussing this in the post office with a clued in friend, my neighbour had his towed away..... :o

  • Yea I certainly do hot toddies, but I open my mouth and they are gone.....No one else would get a look in....Looked out of the window, caravans still there so made another drink, This time vodca and tonic. If I keep going at this rate I won't be able to see the window never mind the caravans....cheers x

  • ROFLOL That's the spirit Nixy. Cheers :) x x x

  • Vodca gone now, shall I have another one, perhaps not as had emergency meds earlier. Slept so much today, don't think I will sleep now. Best give it a go I suppose. Feeling a little happier at the mo, ha, ha, the voddy was a very large one Night night xx

  • Cheers :) Baileys just run out - panic !

  • Ah well scrobbitty, bad news I think, when the bottle is empty It's time for bed, lol x

  • Nixy, there's a 24hr Tesco near her .... empty isn't a problem :)

  • I loves Dorset :) and I loves 24 hour shopping :) and I just found some Southern Comfort !

  • OK you two I will leave you to party, you are too much for me. zzzzzzzzzz

  • Night nixy - sleep well :)

  • Night Nixy, sleep well. Promise, we'll clear up and stash the empties :)

  • Cant have caravan in this cul de sac - open plan - no drives which can be a disadvantage but I can live it. Dont like caravans. I use to have a moped and loved it but see a caravan on the road scared me to death - they sway.

  • Your right about the swaying, we give them a wide berth when on a motorway. I bought a scooter once when I was about 18, which needed a bit of work on the gears. My dad refused to help, so I sold it. and bought a Robin reliant (three wheels) dad went mad would'nt let me keep it. Had to sell it one. I was so sad In those days you did what your parents told you even at 18 if you were living at home lol

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