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Consultation with Transplant Professor And His Team,


Hi All, Received a welcoming telephone call from the Transplant Team Professor this afternoon who want to see me on the 10th June, And more tests have been scheduled for me over the next two weeks so they will have all the information they require. Fran is going around like the cat who got the cream and who can blame her after what she has been through with me until now, a wee bottle of wine sounds good, EACH, mattcass

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10th of June should come round quick if they are keeping you busy with all those tests ! I am so very pleased for you and Fran. :) :)

Anna x

Great news all the very best

Keeping all fingers n toes crossed for you, & thats not as hard as it sounds :D ligaments in hands n feet have had it :D

It may sound a strange thing to say, but congratulations to you both,

& GOOD LUCK for 10th June



YES ! Didn't know what and didn't know why but I knew it was a good day.

Great post good news. I'd love to see your smiles.


Well done, I am raising a glass right now to toast your good news.(it's not a glass of pop and it's yummy) Best wishes x

Fantastic news.

Enjoy your wine.

Kim xxx


Cheers Mattcass, raising a glass to you and Fran.

Sandra x x x


Good luck,hope all goes your way :)


Best wishes to you and fran..cheers

That is excellent news Mattcass. I should make it a big bottle of wine if I were you. Good luck with your appointment.

Best regards


It's good news week.Keep smiling with a bit of humour Mattcass

Please read my blogs,the KOTC humour show

Yourb daily tonic


Great news Mattcass. everything that's crossable wii be crossed for you.

Ann x

All the best and keep us posted.

Fabulous news and I'm with you in spirit (well Southern Comfort is a spirit !) :)

Great news mattcass and thank you for sharing it. WHOOPIE

Fantastic news! Do you attend clinics at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary?

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