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Fluid on lungs again

Once again my Doctor tells me I have fluid on my lungs again which results in more pills,I was making up my two weekly boxes of my medication when my brother called bye for a catchup he reckoned it looked liked boxes of A married ,when I told him I had more to take for my chronic pain in my spine after an accident he was dumbfounded,which made me wonder if I need twenty eight pills a day,so I need to have a serious talk with my Doc who just writes me up for more every time I see him,I thinking it's time to have a change.Sorry I should have said I have Nuemanites with severe Pulmanary Fibrosis.

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Sorry, never heard of your problem but you do not sou d well or happy. I think a serious talk or different doctor may be required. Good luck :-) Aluson


Get some advice from the BLF Helpline.03000 030 555


Hi - my husband has pulmonary fibrosis, he too has problems with fluid in his lungs causing chest infections/pneumonia. He also has heart failure, which contributes to the fluid problem. It was also making his heart beat too fast (103 resting pulse!) so diuretics (water pills) were dropping his blood pressure.The cardiologist put him on Ivabradine, which slows the heart and allows it to fill properly between beats, which means he can take the diuretics and is having fewer problems, although we have had to increase the diuretics as time goes by. None of this may apply to you of course ! I also read the item on this site last week, about how a researcher in Canada has found that in some people with lung disease the bodies natural system which removes fluid from the lungs goes in to reverse and fluid is drawn into the lungs - only answer there is diuretics again, unfortunately. I have taken to giving my husband his morning dose at 5am when he first wakes, on an empty stomach - it then works extremely well (not that he is at all impressed!) and he gets rids of about a litre of fluid by 9am , then doesn't get 'urgency' problems from the water pills for the rest of the day. On the cardiologist's advice we weigh him first thing every morning, and if his weight is trending up with no apparent reason (sometimes 3lbs a day) then I have to increase the diuretics. Don't know if any of this is any help. (When I was doing my huisbands med. box last week I realised he now takes 175 pills a week! Good job it's not me , I really struggle to take any at all.....)

Good luck, hope the BLF Helpline can advise.



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