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Hi all. I have copd have had for a few years but suffered very little. Now I have just had a very very nasty chest infection, after steroids, anti biotics, inhalers, tablets for cough I'm still feeling rubbish. Doc didn't seem that concerned and in a rush.

Is this normal? I don't know who to ask? Any help/ advice would be appreciated

Thank you

T xx

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Hi Squeeza, and welcome to this wonderful, fun filled, knowledgeable site. It once took a couple of months for me to feel "better" after a horrid chest infection. We all seem to get over them differently. I suppose it's all down to our conditions and our medications.

I'd direct you in the first instance to the BLF nurses - someone will be along shortly with their number - I keep forgetting it myself. They'll be able to talk you through your concerns.

Sandra :)

Thanks. I think I'm just a bit scared because its never been this bad.I do know its all down to those little white sticks that seem to have a hold on me but I have only had 3 in last week! I am determined to cut them out altogether though, I have to.

Will phone BLF nurses in morning as grandchldren are about to arrive.

Thanks again

Teresa x

Hi Teresa ..... I feel your pain .... on day 4 of no white sticks..... consumed 4 boxes of maltesers.... and 2 x 540g boxes of winegums .... now feeling decidedly sick.... but still no ciggies ..... Folks on here have been great with their support - no nagging, only support. Good luck in your quest to be white stick free :) Enjoy the grandchildren :)

Sandra x x x

Good luck with your 'white stick' quest. Im munching my way through anything with chocolate on. I will kick this nasty 'white stick' habit same as you will. Its nice to know there is support out there.

Right the little darlings are here time to play :)

Teresa xx

nowheeze, watch the maltesers and winegums or you will be as fat as me, can't stop eating at the moment. Still the way I see it I would rather be porky than puffing. well done everyone every day without a fag is a little nearer your goal xx

Thanks Nixy... I have elasticated waistbands, and am on the road to filling them! :)


My cue then! The BLF Helpline number is 03000 030 555. We offer advice and support on a wide range of issues: specialist advisors for benefits and practicalities, nurses for medical and myself for emotional support.

Please feel free to give us a call.

Take care


Thank you xx

Hi squeeze same as nowheeze Last chest infection was bad in April. Took ages to go


Hi sqweeza Welcome to the mad house, all questions answered, & mood lifted to order usually by KOTC with his daily jokes & stories, & other members can be a little witty too :D

Join in & have fun xxx

Hi Squeeza, Welcome to the site. :)

Hi Thank you all for your welcomes. Its nice to know I have somewhere to turn to. Well I suppose this infection is my wake up call so no point moping onwards and upwards as they say! Have a great day everyone and thanks! ;)

Teresa xx

Hi,and welcome :) x

Hello welcome to the site. Good luck with your fight against the white sticks. Take it a day at a time and you will get there in the end. I hope your feeling better soon. Best wishes Julie x

You will have lots of laughter , fun and sometimes a little sadness. But feel very welcome to us all.

Hi Squeeza and welcome! stay positive and kick those little sticks into oblivion!!good luck, 100% behind you in your efforts! enjoy the grandkids and I hope you feel better soon! xxx

Welcome squeeza.I don't do medical but I do a bit of humout.

Please read my blogs for some KOTC humour

Your daily tonic.

Hello and welcome.

Can be very scary but like everyone has said try not to panic it just makes your breathing worse. The nurses at the helpline are fantastic and will point you in the right direction.

Have a laugh with us it's the best medicine.

Kim xxxxx

Hi squeeza welcome to a wonderful site looking forward to geting to know you.

Hiya squeeza and welcome :) Have emergency chocolate here if required :)

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