seeing as I have been advised not fly any more because of the dreaded.c o.p.d

I go on national holidays coaches now and again, at new year i lost a holiday because of hospitalisation( bad exaberation ), now, next week I`m supposed to be having a week away, guess what ,i`ve started the anti biotics and prednisolone again i hope it doesn't get too bad I`d hate to miss another trip

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Morning Whit

With COPD I can't fly either so I have UK breaks with a firm called Daish's. They pick me up about a mile down the road (Dudley) and take me a couple of hundred miles or so to Newquay. 5 days, 4 nights half board £159 including the coach in October. As you say, it can be a bit dodgy healthwise so I always take out the insurance. Good luck this year Whit.


haven't heard of them .i will look them up see if they go from my area (Darlington) I use national holidays. i also take insurance out ,last time i flew I ended up in hospital in Italy I wasn`t insured for our complaint , so it cost me£3500

Hello Whit, that is rotten luck - I have my fingers crossed for you that you make your trip next week.

Anna x


Hoping that you get over this very quickly and you are fighting fit for your hols next week. TAD xx


Hoping you manage to shake this infection off in time for your break next week :)

Enjoy it.I have not been allowed to fly for the last 16 years and can't travel far.However having worked in a hotel for 33 years I do not miss going away.Everyday at home is a holiday



I've not heard of this - I know of fit-to-fly test - what is the criteria for flying ? Love your positive responses to things :)

i had a pneumo thorax about four years ago, so with lungs only iffy i was advised not to fly because of air pressure on the plane ,apparently the air pressure inside the cabin is set at 8000feet which is no good if your lungs are rubbish ( that's what they told me)

Sorry to hear you have an infection Whit hope it clears in time for your holiday break, are you going somewhere nice? enjoy if you make it

lovely Skegness

Hello Whit, hope you can shake this latest infection off in no time at all and have a lovely holiday recouperating! get lots of orange juice into you and a good tonic will help,lots of vitimins, plenty of veg soup! :) xxx

thanks,i eat two oranges a day and drink two glasses of pure orange juice a day ,they do`nt seem to be working

Do you have any Manuka honey? I've been adding it to a glass of warm '' lemon and elderflower cordial ( weight watchers )from morrisons its gorgeous! but the best thing is it seems to be working wonders on my cold which has slightly gone on my chest ( havent been to drs! ) hope you try some Manuka honey I think it will help you! let me know how you get on :) huff x

I`ll give it a try

Hi Whit, hope the meds kick in quickley and you get to go on your trip. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. xx


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