What is it about stairs?

Whilst I can't admit to being able to run a mile (well maybe not even half a mile without a couple of stops), but I do OK on the flat, I am confounded by stairs. We live in a two-storey house and my home office is on the lower level. If I go up the stairs once, I must go up them a minimum of 10 times a day - and frankly it doesn't get any easier.....but at least I can console myself that I am getting exercise due to lifting my body weight with each step. Stay fit. Martin

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  • I know what you mean Martin.i can potter around all day in the garden,lift some weights in my garage,walk a mile to the shops and back(very very slowly mind).But walk up 1flight of stairs and I am done in ! Can't even talk for a few minutes while I get my breath.!! Damned annoying :(

  • I can't do stairs or hills - well quite gentle slopes.


  • My husband the same - he defers going back upstairs unless it is very necessary. But of course some days are worse than others - some days he only stops at the top and like you can't talk while he gets his breath back, other days he has to take 2,3 or 4 stops! You are right though it is exercise! Keep well. TAD xx

  • Just going down to answer the front door from my first floor flat leaves me gasping -usually there is a slight delayed effect. I now have 90% of my shopping delivered, as it was taking about half an hour to get it from the car to my kitchen. In the very cold weather I don't go out at all. It's a vicious circle, the worse it gets the less you do making you even less fit.


  • Hi

    Look at

  • Will someone try this for me I live in a bungalow

  • I am my husbands carer and we have just had a stairlift fitted for him as he now cannot walk up the stairs.

    This is the way I go up the stairs, as I refuse to use the stairlift whilst I can get up under my own steam.

    Go up the stairs on all fours, like a small child would before they are tall enough to use the handrail. This takes the pressure off your legs holding up your whole body and distributes your weight more evenly. I always go up stairs like this

  • I recently passed out tring to goup the steps of acity centre carpark.Thing was I knew I shouldn't of tried in the first place.


  • It's nice to see that I am not the only one that gets a lag between doing something and then gasping for air. It's about 30 seconds usually. I can actually run up the stairs, then, 30 seconds later I am on my knees suffocating. What I actually do is up four and have a blow then four more and another blow. Wait a bit then do the last five. That seems to work ok.


  • Stairs and slopes seem to be a problem for most of us with Lung diseases, have to admit it varies for myself, sometimes I can manage still, then other times the breathing and cough go haywire needing the inhaler. My cough like others above say, has a time delay it sometimes comes on after the event , which I'm told is more asthma like. But the cough is always there just gets worse with heavy exercise. We are all different aren't we?

  • What fantastic news for you Martin :) I do hope all the tests go well and produce the result you so richly deserve :)

    *fingers crossed*

    for keeping on keeping on ....


  • Thanks all for your replies........I have found that if I deep breathe for 15 sec before climbing the stairs I am less puffed.....I agree that my SOB only takes effect after I have climbed the stairs. My OH and I go shopping and carrying up our purchases (I usually get the heaviest :) is typically the most taxing. Ah! Well! thems the breaks. Stay well. Martin

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