I find it hard to believe that I am writing about another one of my Breathe Easy friends passing on.

I first met Dave around 2 years ago on my first day of pulmonary rehab, I remember thinking how he stood out with his obvious very poor breathing, he was also another oxygen user like myself.

He told me of a device called a conserver which I could get to make my cylinders last at least twice as long. It made a massive difference to me.

He was a very kind, friendly and helpfull man and well liked in the group. After PR we moved on to Breathe Easy, It was harder but we all coped with the transition and Dave along with the rest of the group improved his quality of life.

I always remember only around 6 months ago he came in very tearfull and told us his wife had died suddenly, he said it was him that was the ill one and it should have been him not his wife. I don't think he was ever quite the same after this shock but as a group we all did our best to help him through this difficult time.

He rarely missed a week and always put 100% effort into his 1 hour exercise session. You could always hear where he was in the room by his heavy breathing.

I was supprised that he wasn't there on tuesday but he had told me at last weeks session that he was struggling and didn't feel too good.

It was another group member who broke the news to us all that Dave had died the day after last weeks session.

Were only a small group and Dave will be sadly missed and it comes as a greater shock because we had only just lost another member, Mick a few weeks ago.

Dam this cursed disease, at least he is back with his wife now.

R I P Dave. I for one will miss you.


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  • RIP Dave

  • I am so sorry for you and everyone whose life he touched. RIP Dave .................Adrian

  • Sincere condolences,

    Sandra x

  • Sincere condolences - as our circles of friends changes, new ones join and sadly others leave so we maybe give thought to making the most of each of our days and being as good as we can to as many as we can. Never give up ,

    Good luck Chris xxxx

  • I'd like to think it was time for him to be reunited with his wife. Very sad. Condolences to you Tony. Libby

  • Sorry to hear your rotten news - it comes as a shock when it's that sudden. Thinking of you x

  • Sorry for your sad loss Tony, I know how you are feeling, it hits hard when you have been seeing a fellow lung person so regularly for so long. Thought go to you and your group.

  • Now at peace Dave and my codolences and hugs sent to you Tony.

  • That's sad - my deepest sympathy to you and may Dave rest in peace with his wife. Take care of yourself. TAD xx

  • Hi Tony, So sorry about your good friend Dave sounds a real trouper the way he carried on with the group that he thought a lot of even after losing his wife, a lot of people would have given up, God Bless Them Both, Sad times for you Tony keep your chin up. Mattcass

  • How sad

  • Very sad Tony - keep going, time is the healer :)

  • Very sad news but reunited with his wife now. R.I.P. Dave. xxx

  • Sorry to hear your sad news. Dave sounded a very nice and caring person. Condolences to you and your group.

  • R.I.P. Dave x

  • Sorry for your sadness Tony, it must have been a terrible shock for Dave to lose his wife like that, may they rest in peace.x

  • To lose one friend is bad enough, but the death of another Breathe Easy friend such a short time afterwards must be a terrible loss and shock for you all. Please accept my sincere condolences and deppest sympathy.

    The rest of us must keep on keeping on though ....


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