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A RECORDING ___________________KOTC

............................................GEM 106

..........I am making a recording tomorrow (Thursday) for broadcast on Gem 106 breakfast show on Friday. It will be about my experiences of taking part in Respiratory Research clinical trials at the Nottingham University City Hospital This may be followed by more live broadcast question/answer sessions on what is involved in taking part in research and how to become involved.

Your local Breathe Easy group will probably have details of research programmes in your area.

I am lucky because the Nottingham Respiratory Research Unit is one of the finest .

My latest research trials have been done in conjunction with the The Universiry of Nottingham

and the University of Cambridge.

Other local Breathe Easy members take part in various trials and we all thoroughly enjoy doing something that will benefit generations to come.




Research your local Breathe Easy group and go along,you may join on the day of their monthly meetings

For full details phone 03000 030 555 Mon -Fri- 10am 6pm.

Visit the British Lung Foundation website

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Not just a pretty face eh, Richard! Hope it goes well for you - a very worthwhile occasion. All the best. Libby x

I trust you will dress for the occasion - bow tie a definite - lends to the authoratative approach :) Well done you !

It sounds as though your a bit of a GEM yourself king, It just shows the kind of person we all know you are.

Always thinking of others, keep up the good work.


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Good luck with your recording, I know you'll do ever so well explaining the how's and why's of the research and it's impact on you, together with the prospects of it helping the wider community of fellow sufferers. :) Auntymary xx

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Awh I love guinea pigs :-)

Me too, particularly when they make that cute squeaking noise.

Do you squeak, Richard?

Hope it goes well today. Just found Gem radio on-line, so will try to wake up for the breakfast show and listen in. :)

It is going out on Saturday now

ok thank you :)

Did you enjoy your day recording ?

Good luck Richard xxx


Hope everything went well for you today. I will try to tune in tomorrow.


It is going out on Saturday now

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