Woman drivers !!!

Now,I am not one to complain about woman drivers !.... But,earlier today I cut up an old lady at a roundabout,completely my fault.Hold my hands up to it,waved and apologised profusely,as it was completely my fault.Now,this little old lady was,should we say..of a good age ? Further down the road I pulled up to traffic lights and the lady pulled up to the side of me,wound down her passenger window,I could see her out of the corner of my eye,trying to catch my attention,so I wound my window down to be greeted with..... W###ker !!!! She then wound up her window,and sat stone faced,hands clamped tight to the steering wheel,staring ahead.lights went green and she was away,gone.

I laughed to myself all the way home thinking,mum always told me as a kid,respect your elders !!! :)

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  • Thank you - I daren't say more someone would surely complain but - thank you ;-)

  • Grannypower!

  • Sorry I didn't recognise you and I apologise for my language I should have said "Stupid W###ker :D

  • Go Jandan!

  • Glad to see you back, Jan, and on top form too!!!! x x x

  • Ha ha :) x

  • Jan, you are turning into a right little tiger and I love it!

  • Hee HEE

  • Oh Jambo - imagine you cutting up a little old lady on a roundabout - how could you?

    That'll teach ya. Us lill'ol'ladies have steel edged, poisonous tongues - and know how to use them :)

  • We know,we know!

  • Well done Jambo for admitting it was your fault. I bet she felt so much better after she said that! If I was in the right frame of mind I might have said the same LOL!!!!

    Reminds me of a lovely old dear who used to live near me. Every time she saw a young chap she knew she always greeted them with "Hi, how they hangin' ?". I used to roar with laughter. Hopefully no-one takes offence.

    Power to us grannies :) .

  • Nothing wrong with her eyesight eh

  • I was using a magnifying glass at the time....

  • Now now ladies !!!! I reckon councilling is called for :( :( for me... Never heard language like that ;)

  • Not Met God One Yet ... But What Do I I Can't Even Park Myself ... Think They Just Get Tad Excitable :)

    Or Panic :P

    All The Best Ladies ... Don't Really Mean It :)

  • It wasn't ME!! Because I cant drive, a strange condition not known to many.

  • you are telling fibs annie you have told us before you can drive.................................

    people mad ;)

  • Driving myself mad, you mean.

  • Great thread!


  • Ladies - I'm shocked, what happened to all the innocent genteel members I have grown used to. ( Ingres crossed behind back ) ;-)

  • I was with my friend in her car today. This driver tried to cut us up and overtake. They then tried it again but my friend (a woman) wasn't having any of it.


    Bev x

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