Always ill !! Always up docs ....another illness to add to my list !!

Hi there i have b12 defiency,a underactive thyroid ,suffer depression,o.c.d and memory everyday life is affected all the time by constant tiredness and diagnosed last june with mild emphysema ....since january ive had 6 cold/flu which turned to chest infections ..have flem on my chest everyday ..pain in my chest ...had periconditas ear split ..then rash and diagnosed with ecxma..had pain in my shoulders had to book physio a constant naggin pain in my left top arm mite b arthritus and got periconditas of the ear again ...and other day diagnosed with gerd ...more tablets health is just deteriating all the time anyone else on here suffering all health issues like me .... ?????? Spoke to blf nurse the other day said sounds like uve got a bit of chronic broncitus too cos of keep having chest infections ........ Im so down on all my health issues !

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Oh no :-(

I've also got hypothyroidism and found that on the optimal dose of meds I feel soooooo much better. Low thyroid is simply horrendous. Do you know your latest TSH, fT3 and fT4 results? What dose are you on of meds?

B12 deficiency is common in people with low thyroid. Are you on supplements or injections? What was your latest result?

What is your ferritin like? That's often low in thyroid patients and makes a huge difference. Ideally it should be over 70. If it's lower, I'd ask the doc about going on iron. I take 48mg iron every day for my ferritin and it has helped a LOT.


Jeez, its no fun for you. I have 5+ health issues going on but thankfully most are stable at the moment. The only thing I could suggest is to make sure you eat really healthily to help boost your immune system which in turn should help your body cope with all these illness better. Also avoiding wherever you can any one who maybe infected with a cold or virus or any kind. A little walk out each day (weather permitting) in the fresh air and making sure you do the things that can help ease your symptoms.

You mention you have a diagnosis already of emphysema and the BLF nurse thinks you may have bronchitis too, I wonder if pulmonary rehabilitation* might be a good course for you to access to help you manage these conditions, lots of good self help tips to be made aware of through doing that course, diet, nutrition, exercise, breathing exercises, clearing mucus etc things that will help you cope better and help improve your health situation.

I hope you are feeling better real soon.

* Referral to PR course through your GP, Consultant or your Respiratory Nurse

Oh and I forgot to mention, always get your annual flu shot to help protect you against some of the viruses, probably the BLF mentioned this, and about asking for a pneumonia vaccine too.

Good advice from above people zoe and I do sympathise with you. Pete has sarcoidosis and copd (bronchitis) and at first it all seemed to be just one thing after another. He also has osteoporosis, joint problems etc. and was constantly at the doctors. Now though he manages well with all the drugs he takes and he eats healthily too. Get all the help you can and PR may be just what you need. Thyroid problems are not good but get all the right meds and hopefully you will start to feel better very soon. Good luck to you. xxxxx

How are you doing Zoe?


Thank you so much for everyone who as answere you hsve all been very helpful..havnt been on here in bed all day yesterday another damn chest infection ....

Sorry to hear that.

Take care x

Chest infection after chest infection they think i mite have broncheititus ...cos of reacurring chest infections ....its never ending ? How are you koala???

With any luck things might improve for you as the weather starts warming up? I truly hope so.

I'm fine thanks, except for my cough which could drown out ten lawn mowers in volume. People look at me like what the hell is that noise haha. But I'm sure the meds will work as the days go by. My asthma was triggered big time by the hayfever this year.

This time last year I felt like death. I was hypothyroid, had low adrenal, iron and zinc anaemic and other deficiencies. Now all of those are well medicated I feel a million times better, incredible. On Christmas Day 2011 I was awake for 2 hours, now I am back to normal.

I hope so much you start getting fewer infections soon and can return to as good a health as possible.



Sorry to hear ur not well well im gonna shock u now went to consultant fri she thinks ive got broncheietitus ...had nurses round yesterday informed me off my phlem sample ive got t b put me on meds for 6 month .....cant believe it the last doc i saw with signs of a lingering infection refused to giv me any medication said wait till i c consultant and implied it was in my head .... Mite put a complaint in ....she just srnt me away and got mentel health to call me .... The consultant diagnosed me with copd emphasema/bronchietitus and now tb !!!! Gps aint they just great

I have had B12 defiicency for ove r 49 years regular injections ,and blood tests ,you will get used to it .lol it doesnt bother me at all now .just keep going . x

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