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Like Really ATOS Again .... Having Talked To IIDB And HM Courts Tribunals Service

Yep Well Pissed Today ... Feel Quite Ill After Tado I Had Regarding My IIDB Claim ... Like I Had Xray Done At Hospital June Base Of My Claim .... September A Go For Atos PD Assessment

He Told Me He Could Not See Anything On Xray At Assesmeant ... Then My Claim Was Refused .. But Today Talking To IIDB Atos Doctor Said He Had Not Seen My Xray As It Was Not Available .... Yet So Rather Than Follow DWP IIDB Procedure And Get My Xray He Just Lied And Refused My Claim Priceless

To Be Fair IIDB Have Been Good ... Just Atos Such W#### Really ... As You Can Imagine A Was Well Pissed And Hyperventilating .... Never In My Life Have I Heard Of Such Carry On's

Like Really .... So What Infact Did He Base Is Decision On As He Broke Procedure And DWP Guidelines ?

You Can Have Condition Ant Not Quite Cooked .... Wonder Why I Have Attitude Problem Really

If I Worked Like ATOS I Would Not Last 5 Minutes .. Well I Ant Going To Be One Of These Poor Sods

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Dont blame you, feeling fed with everything and the weather doesn't help any problem in your life. It sounds a frustrating thing from beginning to end. Wish I could help. Love Annieseed


Is A Pain Annieseed ... Just Got To Plod On

Cheers And Thanks :)


Don't get me started on Atos !!!! They are Vile so I wish you lots of luck xx


Cheers :)


Like Really Today Post Man Dropped Atos Assessment Letter Off Like Rally

Defo Testing My Resolve ... Anyway Phoned Them And Give It Them ...Said Filling Report A Said Good Because Am Going To Cum Down And Will Be Showing You Where To Stick It

Its Defo Not On They Don't Do There Job Proper And Make Me Suffer Totally Sick Of Them

Told Secretary How There So Called HCP Had Misdiagnosed Me And They Can't Even Be Arsed Getting In Touch With Doctors Or Lung Specialist Or Even Looking At My Xrays

And Went On About There Callus Daft Actions Are Putting Me And Yourself At Risk ... But Do They Care No They Don't

At The End A Did Apologise To Her ...... But Am Not For Them So Called HCP Piss Takers


I'm hearing and reading dreadfull things about this atos!!! Is there anyway we can complain to someone officially, or mass protest or something


People Have ... EU Turns A Blind Eye And HASE

But Social Genocide Seem To Be The Accepted Norm ... A Don't Propose Letting My Ancestors Down By Being Weak And Fickle Tho


Who employed this atos is it the Tory government .?


They Are All As Bad Labour And Then Tories Renewed Contract With Atos To Supply Medical Services To DWP

But Where It Gets Interesting Is Atos Run Few Hospitals And NHS Choose And Book Services

So Its Very Easy For Atos To Make There Services Look Great ... Well As Far As Government Go .... As They Can Delay Appointment ... Generally F### People About Basicly


Hi there

Labour employed Atos first


Yep Then Tories Renewed Contract


Perhaps we should all go down to London in wheelchairs , on a mass protest. There would be so many of us that we will block the gates of Downing Street , I wonder if they would feel trapped , remember poll tax


Not A Bad Idea .... Not Like They Could Taser Us With Our Oxygen Bottles :P




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