Winter has arrived!

Woke up this morning with chattering teeth (not really but it felt like it). Coldest morning so far this year at 14 degrees (and Yes I know that's not really cold for you in Blighty, but it is for Brisbane) with the thermometer dropping to 10 deg. on Saturday. Maybe its because after so long in Queensland that our blood thins down, rather than being like syrup! Seriously, it never gets really cold here (Thank goodness). Even after 40 years in Oz there are still things I miss like warm beer (LOL), real pork pies (not the apologies we get here), a nice piece of Huss or Cod (altho Barramundi is quite acceptable as is the local cod). I used to try and get back every couple of years but since my affair with a hospital in Vienna, I think my travel days are over, or severely limited (NZ or the South Pacific). Ah! Well, that's life. Stay well. Martin

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  • Say hello to suva for me I'll not get there again :)

  • I wish it was as warm as 14 degrees in Scotland .... ah, the luxury of that would be amazing ... :)

  • 11º in sunny sussex and it's supposed to be summer. Want to swap? :)

  • It's cold, it's wet, it's miserable and I'm fed up.

    Lib x

  • I have been looking out of the window and feeling so negative. They are talking about depression on breakfast tv (that will go off in a min) I wouldn't admit to depression but a similar condition " PIssed off" which could easily be put right by sunshine.

  • I've got both conditions - depression which I have ADs for, and "Pissed Off" which I don 't think there is any medication for only sunshine and warm weather as annieseed says. We have a weddng on Saturday, it's in a marquee so could be a bit nippy beginning to feel that I don't want to go. Gosh I'm very negative today.

    Lib x

  • its a chilly morning here too , acool 15c in Kwazulu Natal, winter is creeping up on us.

  • Pouring down in the Black Country. Took wifey to work then Asda. On the way home I stops at a junction. One of those that I am not allowed to mention under PC rules ran into the back of me. I practised my Anglo Saxon vocabulary for several minutes. Luckily the damage wasn't too bad so I let him live. Now safely home drinking tea and scoffin' buns. Happy day to everyone. Bobby xxx

  • Grey and overcast in London but only the weather ;-)

  • 14 DEGREES that's sweltering



  • 10 DEGREES in Weymouth,,but the sun is popping its head out every now and then,,my car is poorly so stuck in the village,,so today apart from walking the dog,,its feet up day,,so could do with a chat room on this site,,,,

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