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Would anyone in my area be interested in having a Breathe Easy group locally?

I spoke to my COPD nurse yesterday about a local group, but my closest is on The Isle of White, so she suggested that maybe if I could get enough interest it would be a good idea for me to set one up around the Gosport area, she also told me that we could use the conference room at the surgery for the venue.If you think it's a possibility and would be interested just let me know and I'll look into it.

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Good luck with your quest ann1webb :) My local group (Dewsbury, Batley and Spen Valley) has a very low membership and I've promised I'll do all I can to help encourage new members. I've leafleted pharmacies, doctor's' surgeries and local shops so hope I'll have a measure of success :)

We must keep on keeping on :) ...


All the best to the above messages. Juat wondering if there was anyone in the Rooyston, Herts area interested.

Royston, not as stated.

Ive notices there is one in Stansted Abbotts, don't know if that's any help to you. I am thinking of going

Fingers crossed we both have success, it would be a shame to see them disappear through lack of interest, I know there are times some people are not able to attend for various reasons. I'll think about ways of letting people know that the group is being considered, but thought I would put the feelers out here first.

Ann x

Hopefully there will be Annie, we could all benefit from the groups. Have you checked the map on the BLF site to see if there's 1 in your area?.

Ann x

I thought there used to be one in Gosport, Hampshire area, shame if that closed, there is one in Portsmouth showing on the map, if that is of help to you.


Portsmouth from Gosport Hampshire only 23 mins away approx.


Wishing you success either way.

Hi Blakey, it would be ok to go to that 1 but don't have transport right now.

I would make contact with them and explain the situation see if anyone is travelling from Gosport also. Even just phoning them for a chat about the group may give you a few ideas for starting one in Gosport if it comes to that.

They seem to be a pretty active group, here is their page:


thanks for that I'll take a look

Hi ann1webb I live in Gosport and would be very interested in a local group. As I understand it our nearest group is in Cosham which if you have no transport is very difficult to get to. I only have my motorbike so can only get there if weather is good, so not very often!! So have not starting something I can't see through. If you get any further with this keep us posted and good luck.


Morning Lin, I know what you mean about cosham it's a pain to get to even with transport at times,. the place I've been is in Rowner, and looking at the list of members on here there are about 12 within 5 miles of me, if we could get them or at least some of them we could hopefully get our local group up and running by summer( if we ever get any)

Take care


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