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Singing for your lungs.


I hope you are all well.

Another report on the benefits of singing.




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Sorry Jo but if singing helps, why can i no longer play me sax, without nearly passing out after a couple of bars, ( no king, wheezey, dassis, not pub bars ) and i could play for fun 9 months ago, ??

Yes saxophone got three two tenors and an alto well sons hot them now, he plays he plays with the Sun Street Stompers in Lancaster.

A Shall Google Them And Have E Look :)

Never New You Had It In Ya Nice One :)

Is that your son at the back of this pic azaard


Wolf whistles..................... Lol!

No he's not an actual member of the band, he plays at the open jam nights with them, when he's home,

Just realised Bob Moffat ( the ivory plonker ) is missing, fantastic jazz pianist

And the photo's taken in the bay window of the John 'O' Gaunt, Market Street, Lancaster great pub,

I love live music in pubs, it doesn't matter what kind of music it is, there's just something so happy, cosy and intimate about it.

You've never been in the Priory Lancaster, there's nothing cosy or intimate about the music played there, real heavy rock. I like it, but can't here nowt fer a couple of days after. :O

Yep My Lung Doc Told Me That Too :)

Am More A Whistler :P

But Ye Did Think He Was making fun of me (edited by mod) ... But Apparently Not Is True

Great Post Al The Best :)

Hi Jo, I connect my computer to the highfi, then pick a song off youtube with lyrics, then its away to go on high volume, My voice ain't that good but its a bit of fun and its great for breathing control.

Luckily I live in a detatched house so I've no neighours to complain. Ha Ha.

Yesterday I had a go at Noel Gallagers High Flying Birds or should I say destroyed it.

Its Rock & Roll Jo but not as you know it.


Is glad I live a long way away from Azaard and dall05. lol

I am frightened to sing, to the noise I might produce. I used to love singing years ago. Ravages of time.

Me too Annie, the neighbours would probably send the RSPCA round at the sound of a cat being strangled. I even talk out of tune these days, more often than not just a faint croak come out if I have to answer the phone, then spend the next 30 secs trying to clear my throat.

I Understand Annie80 :)

Don;t Have To Explain :))

I am now annieseed, daz - had a new image.

Yep Forgot ... But Did Correct It On Other :)

Ah yes I remember it well ;-)

I'm singing in the rain Jo, it's really good fun.

Lib x

A Was Only Thinking About That Poor Billy Bopper ... Yesterday And How That Is A Great Name Really

Would Of Thought You Would Of Seen Name Like That On Here ... Given All Great And Unusual Screen Names People Use :)

My voice fell out of a multi-storey car park ... and never recovered... At least that's what my brothers used to tell me when I was singing in the bath....

They also said I'd earn a handsome living from singing - at 10.10pm closing time .... sadly that opportunity passed me by with the pubs open all hours ... ho hum

Good article, Jo.

Church choir can sing louder now so they will not hear me have a go :-)

Just got back from Trent Vineyard More meeting.Singing!.I gave up after the first chorus.



The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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