Got The Call!

I've .been on the transplant list since last September so waiting for the call has been a big priority in my life. Last night 10.30 it finally arrived. Unfortunately when the team went to collect the lungs they weren't suitable so I just have to put it down as a trial run. I must say a big thankyou to my family, the ambulance crew who took me to Wythenshawe, the transplant coordinator Jane, and the nurses who all provided me with reassurance and support they were all fantastic. So all you out there waiting it does happen. Susie

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Oh Susie that must have been such an anti-climax for you to go through. Fingers crossed that the next time (soon) it'll be go-go-go.

Always good to practice, but am sorry it did not happen for you last night. Hope that next time you get the call, that it all works out good for you.

Anna x

What a shame - hope some fine suitable lungs come up soon for you Susie.

love cx

Well - it just wasn't the right time for you! On a positive note at least you know what to expect next time and please god, it will only be a short time before you get the call. With much love TAD xx

Hi Susie, all the best for getting your transplant soon. Libby

Oh I got all excited for you for a second - next time will be the right time :) Thanks for sharing this with us all.

That's a great shame. You must have been so excited. Never mind, your turn will come and when it does I wish you well. Love from Bobby xxx

Damn, just a rehearsal then ! But you're time will come you're obviously so close.

Thanks for sharing that will give heart to others waiting on the cal.

Good luck,


So nearly there Susie, next time hopefully. All the best,

Lib x

Sue so sorry let's hope next Time will be better news. Xx

Many thanks to you all for your kind comments. xxSusie

Hi Susie

My first occasion of mentioning it online: had my first call 4 February and the lungs were not suitable. Had a second call on 27 Feb and the operation went ahead. I feel great and I am doing everything I can to stay that way, including exercise and drug regime.

I had waited nearly two years but got rather ill last year and was losing hope. It is very worth it, Susie. Hang in there.

What TADAW wrote reflects what I feel. The first time just was not right, the second was meant.

All best wishes.


It was great to hear from you Elizabeth. Would love to hear of your experience. Unfortunately the only one's I have been hearing lately have not been very good, it hasn't put me off at all as living this life is not good. Where did you have it done, how long were you in, anything you have to say would be of great interest to me. Thanking you in anticipation. Susie xx

I will pray for you that next will be the right time.



Better luck next time Susie and hope your turn comes around very, very soon. xxxx

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