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Special insurance products for people living with lung disease – and another way to donate to the BLF!

Hi all

I just wanted to let you know about our partnership with Unique insurance as the holiday season is approaching.

The British Lung Foundation has a partnership with Unique – which provides specialist insurance services – providing a range of insurance products for people living with lung disease and their families and friends.

Living with lung disease or other pre-existing medical conditions and disabilities can affect your chances of getting insurance cover. So, for people affected by a lung condition, finding the right insurance protection at an affordable price can sometimes be difficult.

As well as assisting in finding individual insurance, Unique also make a donation to the charity for every policy sold and at no extra cost to you!

Unique has a sympathetic and understanding team on hand to provide further information, please see more at

And if you have any comments or questions, please post them here and I'll forward them on to the Unique team who will be glad to respond.

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Excellent news for HealthUnlockders.




Thank you for the information. I was unaware of any alternative to the usual insurance and having specialist policies is good news.



Glad you posted this news, I went through Unique recently and they accepted me with open arms the first year, but when it came to renewal like many other insurers they would not allow an annual cover and the single trip cover was way above other company's prices. I took my business elsewhere and obtained a policy to suite my needs. However this mean't BLF only got one years donation.As for specialist policies the questions asked are exactly the same as other companies and my experience of Unique is that their policy only covers similar events as do other medical policies.Of course I can only speak as to my experience, I actually reccommended this company to others the first year I used them.


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