After having a good winter with my chest well by my standards anyway I am trying to find what has changed from other years when the winters often knocked me back a little until the springtime.

My friend says all the tea I drink kills off any bugs and I do remember cold tea leaves been used in poultices on wounds because of antiseptics in the tea but I am not so sure any light on this from the more medical thinkers and has this been a good winter in general for bad chests.

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  • Didn't know about the antiseptic qualities of tea. Was told once that cold tea applied to sunburn would take the heat out of it.

    Don't think this has been a good winter for chests, too cold too long.

    polly xx

  • There's and interesting page on Wiki about tea:


    But there are a lot of foods that have anticeptic and healing properties. There is a very good book on Food as Medicine which you may be able to access through your local library.

    The tv series that was on not so long ago I found very interesting, you can still access some of the programmes from this page:


    Diet is important all the time but essentially so during the winter months, what we put in our bodies makes a real difference to our health.

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