Saw two specialists today and came home with new meds. Anyone else on Flutiform?


I went to my allergy doc who said I needed to go to a lung doc today. So that's what I did.

On my paper I'd jotted down Ventolin, Becotide and Montelukast. The lung doc said he used to prescribe Montelukast but didn't like the side effects so he prefers other things. In my case Flutiform & Ventolin & Beclorhinol

The doc did xrays of my lungs and sinuses, that cabin test thing and then 45 allergy skin tests. The allergies came out like an explosion, he said they were very severe and something has to be done.

I'm to start the new meds now and return in 2 months for a further lung function test and blood tests. He will also then look at options for allergy treatment, but seeing as I'm allergic to so much I don't know what that will be!

Do you know Flutiform? It came wrapped up like a Christmas present haha, and has got pretty silver on it. It looks flashier than Seretide, which the doc said isn't strong enough.

koala x

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  • Forgot to say the dose: 250/10

  • Koala

    Sorry I don't know anything about Flutiform but I know about the cabin test. Didn't you just love it. I'm claustrophobic and it is a nightmare for me. I hope they find an answer to your problems. Best regards, Bob

  • Hi Bob

    Thanks :-)

    I'm claustrophobic too and yes, that cabin is awful. I said to the nurse today how much I hate that thing, and was it really necessary so she hurried up and it was quite quick. I remember it lasting much longer at other doctors'. Scary, somehow the air pressure being different and it being so hard to hear anything from outside makes it even worse.


  • I am also wondering if the changes are financial ie Seretide is more expensive hence the swap to high dose Flutiform instead of higher dose Seretide, then my allergy doc told me he thought Montelukast was a great medicine but extremely expensive. Maybe the lung doctor doesn't prescribe it due to the cost?

    Who knows...

    koala x

  • Mmmm, read that Flutiform is not given to people with COPD so maybe that's why nobody here is on it? This seems to be a COPD forum rather than asthma, generally.


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