So long, and thanks for all the fish

Far too frequent conflict for my liking. Shouldn't need moderators to force us to respect each others' views. "Ignore and report" - it's not that hard is it?

I wish you all well in battling your lung problems, and special thanks to Richard for his tireless efforts in keeping peoples' spirits up.


fairyfootsteps x

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  • Thanks fairy footsteps.

    As long as I am allowed I will keep trying to cheer everyone up.


  • Please keep tuning in .I like your company. Iwant to keep your spirits up.


  • Personally think your silly to leave, blakey c was the one that came on the forum bombasting about rules etc, we know the rules and do follow them, but this only ever happens at weekends, i have reported him and did try to ignore him, he was persistent, ny self and Nowheeze have saved the posts, ready for the mods tomorrow. So pls stay no need to leave

  • I'm hoping nowheeze also saved the Chinese Joke that King of the Cocktails originally posted which people found so funny, I believe a couple of people were pm'd it also. Hopefully the content saved for the mods were as a screen dump or html. Or maybe King of the Cocktails could provide the original Chinese joke that was posted and removed for the mods. It would be so helpful, just so we don't leave anything out.

    Thanks for your help in this.

  • Congratulations on your (self) promotion to deciding what should and should not happen. You certainly deserve the wooden spoon award.

  • Was that really necessary? Did you appoint yourself as the authority who the spoon goes to?

    I speak out against discrimination and harrasment towards others, whatever their nationality.

  • You may be more credible if you didn't have multiple identities (even changing sex!) and make harassing remarks to people which is what started the whole thing off, if you were really concerned about that original blog you could have simply reported it.

  • You have misjudged and misread me entirely and I do think when the new site upgrade comes in we will all make good use of the block.

    I am unaware how I could change sex since I never mentioned I was either male or female. I think it was amongst yourselves that you decided I was a he and then decided later I was a she. ~That was nothing to do with me at all.

  • FF from a fellow Douglas Adams fan stay please. I thought we had got all this sorted out. We all agreed to ignore and report the idiots to keep this site a great place to be. It can't be a great site if members like you go. We will be surrendouring OUR site to trolls. No one wants that do we? Do you? Why let one or two bad apples destroy our place? Be stronger than that love. Stay! Hugs xxxxx

    Bev xx

  • Sad, fairyfootsteps that you are packing this forum in. haven't done any wrong.

  • Sad, fairyfootsteps that you are packing this forum in. haven't done any wrong.

  • Bye fairyfootsteps. I will be following you fairly shortly.

  • Before you two leave will you please wait until Monday. If the moderators take action and get rid of any troublemakers then you can both stay. You know the rest of us will always support you both so what does the opinion of idiots mean?

    Bev x

  • And if they don't take action we can all get together and ask them to. No need for anyone to leave. We all support you don't we?

    Bev x

  • Please don't go FF.

    Lynne xx

  • FF you are one of the kingpins on here now we need you.

    polly xx

  • I can understand why FF. But I am glad puff decided to say.

    All good wishes to you FF.

  • Please stay FF as I said to Puff your input and knowledge is more important than those out to cause trouble ( they know who they are and so do many of us now too )they will get bored and play with some one elses toys soon. If you go those causing the conflict win and those who genuinley need help be they sufferers or carers will lose out. Your being on this site could make a big difference to some ones quality of life. Best wishes Julie xx

  • Dearest ff - I am just catching up after being away and I am not only shocked but very upset at the very thought of you leaving. You are so knowledgeable and so willing to share and help others. Please hun think again - I know the bickering is a pain in the arse - but you have so much to offer, especially to newbies overwhelmed and scared after being dx with bronchiectasis. After all these years with the old bronch I have learnt much from you and have found all the articles you come up with and info on Bronchitol really interesting.

    Please pm your contact details or I could see you in the 'other place' if you do decide to leave.

    Please hun have a rethink.

    Loads a love


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