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Here's one for wheezy at bed time :) xxxx


Wynkin, blynkin and nod, one night,

sailed off in a wooden shoe,

sailed of on a river of crystal light,

into a sea of dew

Where are you going and what do you wish,

the old moon asked the three,

we've come to fish for the herring fish,

that live in this beautiful sea,

nets of silver and gold have we,

said Wynkin, blynkin and nod.

The old moon laughed and sang a song,

as they rocked in their wooden shoe,

and the wind that sped them all night through

ruffled the waves, of the sea of dew,

the little stars are the herring fish,

that live in the sea of dew,

cast your nets where ever you wish,never afraid are we

cried the stars to the fishermen three,

So all night long their nets they threw,

to the stars in the tumbling foam,

till down from the stars came the wooden shoe,

bringing the fisher men home,

Twas all such a pretty sail,

as if it could not be,

Some folks they say it was a dream they dreamed,

of sailing that misty sea,

but i shall name the fishermen three,

Wynkin, blynkin and nod,

Now Wynkin and blynkin are two little eyes,

and nod is a little head

and the wooden shoe that sailed the stars,

was a wee ones trundle bed,

so close your eyes while your mother sings,

if the wonderful sights that be,

and you shall see those beautiful things,

as you sail on the start sea,

Sleep tight sweetpea XXXX((((H's))))XXXX ;)

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Awww Azaard ..... so sweet, thank you x x x :) xox

azaard in reply to Hidden

This dafy buggers got a lump in his throat, used to recite it to the son i lost. That was pulmonary heart failure, 1982, bless him, :)

Hidden in reply to azaard

Oh pet, don't be upset, that you're upset. I bet ya he loved hearing his daddy recite it, time and time again. :) Bless you both x x :)


Now Ann's gonna wanna know the tear.

Bless you azaard




good Night


Good night KingOTC, sweet dreams to you xxxxxxxx

Dreamin' I'm always dreamin' zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

O azaard that is so beautiful, and you brought a tear to my eye,my big brother went fishing and never came home,I miss him so much (((( hugs)))) I'm so sorry for your loss,so sad,night,night sleep good aza xxxxx

Thanx :)


Wonderful, lovely people here sending inspirational things when I feel I can't cope with my problems.

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