Stringing me along.................. KOTC

....................................Stringing along

A piece of string enters a pub and orders a beer.the barman says

''Look pal,it's nothing personal but we don't serve string in here,we had some trouble with some twine last year''

''Fair enough '' said the string and he leaves.

Next day the the string comes back in and the barman says,''I told you yesterday,we don't serve string-now get out!''

The piece of string promptly leaves but he returns the next day,and the next and all week and every time the barman throws him out.Finally the barman has enough and threatens the string.

''You're pushing your luck,''he says ,''If you come back in here tomorrow,you'll be sorry!''

Sure enough ,next day,the string comes in.The barman loses his cool and snatches the string and whacks it on the bar about a dozen times.Then he ties it in a knot,swings it around his head and throws it into the wall.Finally he gives it to his dog,which chews it up and spits it out.The barman finally throws the string out of the door and says

''There let that be a lesson to you-WE DON'T SERVE STRING!''

Next day ,the string comes in ,still tied up and all tatty.

''Oh for goodness sake!''.says the barman,''Look ,we don't serve string

and you are,are you not a piece of string?''











'' No '',says the string,''I'm a frayed knot!''



Don't get frayed,go to Breathe Easy

Wish to join ,just go along or phone your friendly Helpline for information 03000 030 555

Mon-Fri 10am 6pm

42 Replies

  • Ha ha, but I hope that string was British made?

  • Nah it's twinese :D

  • Haha - clever!

  • He should be knotted libby

  • Careful azard,I'll have you strung up by the you know who.

  • Ere my plums have suffered enough lately don't you think :D

  • How do you think mine feel after a day like today!!!!!Eh azaard

  • Yeh!! Ground walnuts come to mind, hope yet ok!!!

  • As is said azaard'laugh and the world laughs with you'and that is my motto

  • Real debn Bailer twine

  • Hahahahagag!! Keep e'm coming boyo, keep e'm coming :P

  • I'll keep stringing you along azaard!

  • Yer that one was certainly strung out :D

  • No frayed edges though

  • DEARY DEARY,,That was a bit stringy that joke,,hahahahahahhahh :)

  • Like your last steak Eh?raptor

  • Ropey more like. hehehehe cough!! ;)

  • Like the rope they put through the bulls nose I don't wonder

  • LOL :) Just what was needed, thanks x x :)

  • What .To be tied up in knots of laughter?Good on you nowheeze

  • No no, that was nothing but a nasty rumour .... not at all into bondage! :) just laughter :)

  • Rumours Eh,I heard you like a bow TIE!

  • only on James Bond .....

  • Another feather to your BOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ROFLOL :)

  • I no understand the lingo

  • Roling on floor laughing out loud - I had a teenager living with me - I soon picked up their lingo .... along with their washing etc.

  • Thats made me roll on the floor.Super

  • Hahaha! Excellent! :-)

    But... oh dear, is this joke upsetting to string, if some were to visit? Or knots? Would they unravel? ;-)


  • I think you are striking a CORD koala

  • I really must learn not to read your blogs and drink coffee at the same time. My screen is now splattered and I have had to get off by backside to get a cloth! Stop being so funny ! :)

    Actually don't ! :)

  • I'll tie your arms down with string while you are reading and laughing scrobbity

  • Peter Stringfellow will knot like such behaviour :-)

  • He would be laughing his knots off bewildered

  • No strings attached to this joke is there.

  • No ,it has been untied.lovemelovemydogs.I said it was a Doggy joke,sort of.

  • A relief the string section can have a laugh together

  • I hope it is more than a Quartet Farmhouse!

  • I think you are just stringing us along Bob

  • Bob,Bob,Bob as if ?

  • good one king, had a good laugh with hubby


  • Did yiu tie hin up in knots

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