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Serious Question! Ha Ha

Iv'e got washing on the line and the clouds are looking very very grey. Do I wait so the clothes are dry and take the risk of them being soaked or should I get it in now 1/2 dry and hang it in the house on the airer and play safe.

Its a hard life making such important decisions. The expert,my wife isn't here and would know the right thing to do but I am a mere man and struggle with such pressure.

Tony. :) Help!!

TOO LATE its raining, wife has always said I dither too much, maybe she has a point.

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Questions on the right hand side ;-)

My husband is kind enough to put and collect the washing. I would have big problems coping with it. Yea! Have a convenient extending drier. (If I am feeling evil) I will use the tumbler drier.

Well! I've just been having the same delema Tony!! I've decided the day is young.....plenty of time for it to dry in-between showers....rain water makes it softer.....bring it all in around tea-time and hang in the house...the washing that is....;) x

There's always the 'spin only button', hey up here comes the sun! ( again!) :p x

Any time I do hang a wash out, my neighbours collect theirs in ..... I appear to have that magic touch of bringing on the rain.... :(

Simple pimple - I use the tumble drier :)

But thats bad for the enviroment and my pocket. Ha Ha

Yes to both of those, but better for my health - that trumps the previous two :)

My washing starts in my wardrobe crumpled up at the bottom and ends back in my wardrobe all folded or hanging neatly on hangers .What is all this hanging out and tumbling thing?


Its like magic ain't it. Iv'e never worked out how it happens and I think thats the way it'll stay.

These things are best left alone ay' king. Ha Ha

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