Exercise Bike Pain & Suffering but New Record!!!!!!

The weathers improved enough now to move the exercise bike out of the dinning room to the garage. Its a different view and fresher air so I thought that we would test distance and time against previously recorded sessions.

The first 2 minutes went well as usual but then the legs started to complain and then the cough followed like it always does.

Its now pain and uncomfortable feelings from here on but still I pushed on in search of a new record time. I always do 15 minutes on level 2 while the oxygen concentrator is on full throttle supplying my lungs with 4 litres of oxygen. My old Hi Fi system is blasting out some music to help distract from the torture of turning those cursed pedals round and round, all in the belief that exercise will somehow help the situation that I find myself in these days. 10 minutes have past and I'm feeling pretty bad now, my legs are aching and my lungs are burning. The glass by my side is slowly filling with the gung that Iv'e coughed up, its clear which I always see as a good sign but I would prefer things the way they were when exercise produced nothing but heavy breathing and carbon dioxide.

Another song has finished on the radio so I check the time, 14 mins 30 seconds so with every last ounce of energy I spin those dam pedals and count down the seconds. 15 mins Yeh' as I collapse, spawled across the handlebars gasping for air.

Its probably a few minutes before things have settled down enough to check the recorded distance on the digital readout. Yes!! a new record 2.9 miles in 15 mins thats .2 further than the last record but was it worth it and am I doing myself harm or good?

I guess the answer to this is the distance I am capable of covering now has increased so the evidence is there in black and white. Exercise is good for us even though it can be painfull and uncomfortable, its worth half an hour of suffering a day so the rest of the 23 and a half hours can be made easyier.

I do tend to take things to the extreme but it does seem to be helping my general alround fitness and more importantly my breathing.

I can do more without oxygen than I have for a long time, so I will continue to push the limits and see where it takes me while I wait for the transplant co-ordinator to ring.

An obvious side effect of the exercise is, its helping me reach the weight target that the transplant consultant wants me at, to improve my chances of surviving the operation.

Look after yourselves everyone and do your best to stay fit and healthy.


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  • Yay ! Well done you :)

    In the spirit of camaraderie, I looked at my exercise bike on the way to the kitchen for coffee - does that count? x

  • Come on scrobbitty, give it 5 mins on the bike and earn that coffee, you'll feel so much better for it. :)

    I guess if your kitchen was a mile walk away that would count comrade. Ha Ha .

  • Oh no ! Jussssssst as I was about to sit on the exercise bike, my son rescued, sorry meant to say made me go and pick him up from girlfriends. What a blow - didn't get my coffee ! :)

    Kitchen is fifteen whole steps away - I counted every one of them. :) That's close to a mile.

  • Yes its only about 1000 STEPS SHORT! so we won't nit pick eh'. Its still exercise ain't it and there's always tomorrow yeh.

  • GOOD ON YOU MATE..Still think you a bit mental,,but in a very nice way hahahahaha :)

  • Don't worry raptor, I know I'm mental when I'm on that dammed exercise bike inflicting that sort of pain on myself.

    Hopefully its for the greater good eh'

    Perhaps I could turn the garage into my hide away and have a secret stash of stowfords press cider out there. Strictly for medicinal purposes of course as a sort of destressing apple juice.

  • With that amount of determination you'll make it - good man :-)

  • Cheers Homebreeze, Iv'e probably killed off the sales of exercise bikes now as I did'nt paint a very pretty picture did I.

  • In my minds eye I was pushing those pedals too - does that count? :)

    Good only ya fella, keep it up!

  • I guess you were exerciseing the mind and thats got to be good eh'.

  • Well done you, perhaps I ought to set the pilates machine up and start doing timed stuff. Inspirational bog. :)

  • Safer with some chocolate xx ;0

  • I give in, I'm addicted to chocolate, I confess!!

  • I used to love chocolate but that damned transplant consultant put paid to that. I can only see it as a poison now, to my chances of surviving the operation should it come.

    I guess Iv'e got him to thank for the new slimline look though but I do miss chocolate A LOT!! :(

  • If only I could :(

  • Dall05, Right thats it !!! You have put me to shame, I am now off to attack the exercise bike and am determined to do 15 mins., Now look what you have done ! There I was lolling around, done nothing since I got up but now I feel I have to get active, ha ha. Enjoy the rest of your day x

  • Sorry about that! How did it go,did you manage 15 mins or 15 secs. :)

  • hi tony well done, it cant be easy but you know what you are doing and am sure you will break the record again, I have progressed my mobility by around 50% in the last 6 weeks even walking up 2 flights of stairs without help, Breathing is still the main problem but again I can control this without taking oxygen, will update you when I hear from transplant team. Good Luck and keep going,mattcass

  • Well done to you too. Getting up 2 flight of stairs is about all I can do and I would hope and pray there is nobody at the top that I knew. Making conversation would have to wait a few minutes while I recover.

    Good luck with the transplant mc and keep doing stairs and not lifts unless they are over 2 flights. There good for us, say the physio terrorists

    Tony. :)

  • Well done mate,Does hanging the washing on the bike to dry count as excesive excersise,should I take it easier.


  • Steady up king or you might break into a sweat. I would take no chances and leave it to the wife eh'

    I do use my bike as an airer occasionally, It dries clothes really well as it is usually glowing red hot after I get off it. :)


  • That is really great Tony, I have still not got motivated yet, was doing well the other week whilst on the steroids with a infection, like a whirling dervish, but since finished, gone down hill ,could fall asleep standing up, you keep this up, proud of you.x

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